Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018

Arranging a wedding party or reception is not an easy affair from any stretch of imagination. From initial preparation to final management, it requires time, effort, money and most important creativity to make a wedding and reception a truly memorable and extraordinary affair. That being said, couples today have become quite particular about their wedding and like to have nothing but the best with everything. Most of them want their wedding to be stylish and sophisticated most importantly trendy.

Here are 10 wedding trends that are going to be popular in 2018 that couples can look forward to implement in their wedding to make the whole affair entertaining and memorable –

Intimate gatherings – One of the trends that are catching up with couples in recent times is the thought of keeping the wedding a private and simple affair. This one trend is going to remain popular in 2018 as well. More couples now prefer to arrange a wedding reception including only intimate acquaintances and family members.

This gives them the opportunity to entertain each and every guest personally and enjoy more freely without having to worry about managing a grand wedding reception.

Personalized invitation cards – Although, sending personalized wedding cards has been in trend since quite a while, in 2018 it is getting all the more popular. Majority of couples in present times are of the opinion that first impression is the last impression and therefore they like to go for wedding cards that are personalized containing gifts for the guests.

Destination weddings with a mix of local culture – Destination wedding in recent times have caught the attention of young couples like no other wedding trend. More and more couples are now looking to arrange their wedding ceremony at a popular beach in a good tourist city or at some religious place.

Destination wedding planning Ideas too are suggested by wedding planners which make the whole wedding ceremony quite a special and memorable affair for bride, groom and guests alike.

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Moody and colorful floral decorations – Couples today have become quite choosy about how they would like the decoration about their wedding. Moody and colorful floral decoration is something that is in trend in 2018 as couples look to give their wedding decoration a sophisticated and exclusive touch.

The focus is on opting for decorations that reflects their personality and theme of the wedding rather than making the decoration look flashy and extra lavish.

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018 plate

Multiple Course Meals – While buffet system is a common norm to treat guest at wedding reception, in 2018 we can expect a change in the way guests are served food. Multiple course meals is something that is becoming popular by the day as hosts these days are looking to make their guests feel special by serving them food on the table in different courses.

Wedding planners too have become accustomed to this paradigm shift in entertaining guests and are coming up with new ideas to provide perfect solutions to hosts to arrange a perfect wedding reception accordingly.

Lounge areas and relaxed seating – Lounges have become more and more popular with weddings in the last few years. They are now used for a cocktail hour setting or for dinner for guests who are comfortable with less formal reception seating.

In 2018 as well, the lounge trend is going to be in vogue as guests prefer this sort of entertainment where they can just enjoy without having to worry about getting involved with wedding ceremonies.

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2018

Wedding Websites – This one trend is just getting popular with each passing day. Couples are just getting crazy about having a website dedicated to their wedding where they can share all the wedding details, photos and updates to the world.

When you Create your Free Wedding Website, you can get the opportunity to make all their events and ceremonies record digitally and feeling like a celebrity. The website through some technique can be made popular which heightens the excitement level all the more.

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Dinner and a Show – The very fact that guests should experience an entertaining time during the wedding has made shows like cabaret, dance performances and live singings shows during dinners hit in recent times. The trend will remain popular in 2018 as well and couples will look to provide entertainment to their guests in various ways and while during they are dinner.

Unexpected entertainment – If you are going to be a part of any wedding in 2018, you can expect unexpected entertainment at the venue. Hosts today are hiring the services of professional entertainers to look after the entertainment aspect in during wedding party and professional come with ideas that are creative and out of the box. You can create your free wedding website as well to share your entertainment ideas and services with everyone.

So, in 2018 DJ bands and orchestra performance may still get to play but expect them to play less significant role in making the wedding party entertaining.

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Photo Booths – Photo booths are not going to disappearing anytime soon, especially not in 2018. The fact they give guests a tangible take away from the event, and provide the opportunity to bond with other guests as well. Photo booths are going to be special aspect of majority of weddings in present year as they provide a bit of fun and lots of candid photography moments

Therefore, these are the top 10 wedding trends that are going to be popular in 2018, so you can try any of them to make your wedding ceremony, amusing and memorable.

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