Benefits Of A NYC Hair Transplant Procedure

Benefits Of A NYC Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular Unit Transplantation is a surgical procedure for people with hair loss problem. Also referred to as strip excision, FUT has become the NYC hair transplant techniques of choice for many people. FUT entails the harvesting of a strip of follicles from the head of the donor. The harvested strip covers a very small area such that other people can’t easily notice that the patient has undergone this procedure.

Each follicles strip contains about one to four hairs that are located at the back sides of the head. After extraction of the follicle strips from the scalp of the donor, the individual hairs are carefully pulled off from the tissue for transplant. This is followed by safe transplant of the hair on the bald areas of the recipient’s head. This ensures that the scarring effect of the treatment is significantly reduced on both sides.

This procedure is a preference for many hair loss sufferers due to its unique benefits.

Huge number of grafts

Since FUT involves extraction of a strip of hair follicles, it offers the surgeon a greater number of grafts to use on the recipient. While the strip that is extracted is usually determined by the bald areas on the head of the recipient, a surgeon can still get a large number of grafts from a single strip. This makes the procedure more convenient than FUE that involves the extraction of individual follicles from the donor’s head.

Since many grafts can be extracted and transplanted in just one session, Follicular Unit Transplantation is the best option for patients that don’t want to undergo repetitive surgical procedures.

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Permanent hair roots

For the best and lasting results in hair loss treatments, it’s always important that the hair follicles that are extracted and transplanted have permanent roots. This is something that can be greatly achieved in Follicular Unit Transplantation. And this makes this treatment highly effective and safe. Since the hair that is removed from the donor comes with its roots intact, it grows permanently on the recipient’s head without much effort.

Less scars if done correctly

Although Follicular unit transplantation entails extraction of a strap of hair follicles, there are ideal closure procedures that can be performed to ensure that there no visible scars are left on the incision areas. One of them is known as the Trichophytic closure. This is also used with other hair transplant procedures to conceal scars.

Time conscious

FUT gives the donor a large number of grafts in one extraction. As such, it takes less time to complete this procedure. While the process of extracting the hairs from the strip and transplanting them might seem long, there is less strain on the part of the surgeon. Even in a single treatment, a hair transplant surgeon can effectively cover a larger bald area on a patient.

If you are considering Follicular unit transplantation NYC, it is advisable that you talk to a hair transplant surgeon first. A professional FUT surgeon will perform careful and thorough diagnosis and provide recommendation. Your FUT surgery will also be safer and successful when performed by a reputable surgeon.

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