7 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to Prevent

7 Reasons for Hair Loss and How to Prevent

You probably one of them who are suffering from hair loss and looking for effective ways to stop them. Hair loss can occur due to many reasons that may beyond your control like hormonal imbalance, gene flow etc. However, it can also be the result of brittle damage, hair fall, thinning and prone to breakage which leads to visible hair loss.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most commons reasons and how you can stop them.

Let’s get started…

Thyroid Problem

Thyroid Problem always leads to severe hair fall which is a sign of the hormonal imbalance that can happen because of menopause, poor functioning of the endocrine system or probably diabetes.

To fix this problem, you should go to an endocrinologist and the successful treatment can help you get your hair back or sometimes hair loss becomes permanent.

Use of Hair Tools that Use High Heat

Heat is always an enemy of hair. It fractures the bonds within hair strands and makes them fall off. If you’ve decided to use hair straightener or curling iron then don’t leave it on hair for more than 10 seconds and keep it moving otherwise it can burn your hair and result in hair fall.

To stop this, always use a hair protecting spray when you use any hair styling tool that uses heat. It will lessen the chances of damaging your hair that these tools can cause.

Use of Hair Products that Stop Hair Growth

Since thinning hair and damaging that results in hair fall is a huge concern for women, more and more companies are focusing towards creating the products that not only nourish your hair scalp but also aimed at restoring hair growth.

There are plenty of products that contain oils, minerals and aid towards hair growth but choosing the right choice of product is still a challenge for you. But Ultra FX 10 found to be the best product which protects your hair by destroying bacteria that damages your hair. In addition, it improves the blood circulation to the scalp and makes them grow faster.

Too Much Stress

Chronic stress always results in hair loss because stress stops the proper circulation of blood to the scalp. But you shouldn’t be worry because hair grows quickly that fall out because of stress.

To fix this, you should find a way to keep your mind relaxed. However, if you’ve emotional problem then you should visit a therapist.

Missing Necessary Scalp Massage

The easiest way to keep your hair nourished and healthy is by performing a scalp massage, while in the shower, after applying a hair growth shampoo or conditioner. Scalp massage improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Best way to perform massage is by moving your finger slowly in a circular movement. It will make you feel relaxed and improve your hair growth at the same time.

Lack of Essential Vitamins

Hair loss can also be due to the lack of essential vitamins. In case of hair problems, you must check if your body has enough amount of Vitamin C as it stimulates the production of collagen which directly strengthens your scalp. You should also read up on some multivitamin reviews to make sure your multi has enough vitamin C OR if you need to supplement with it independently.

Use of Wrong Comb

Combing your hair by using a wrong comb can result in severe hair loss. However, using the right hair comb can save you from severe hair loss. A wide-tooth comb will reduce the breakage and hair loss from pulling.

Best practice is not to comb your hair while wet otherwise it increases the chances of breakage. Make a habit of cleaning your combs and brushes every week. You’ll notice a significant decrease in hair loss by developing this habit.

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