Is Smoking Weed Bad When You Have The Flu

Is Smoking Weed Bad When You Have The Flu

Smoking weed at any time, on a regular basis is not recommended, but smoking when your health is less than perfect is highly discouraged. You see, people have this idea that because marijuana is from the earth that it’s natural and therefore must be a health enhancer. We hate to burst your bubble, but our modern-day pharmaceuticals, in their original state, come from the earth as well and do as much harm as they do good in many cases. This article will outline all of the concepts behind having the flu and smoking pot and it will answer the question: can you smoke weed while sick?

Just because something is an herb does not mean it’s safe. Even when you use herbal teas and essential oils, you must keep in mind dosage and other reactive properties or it can kill you.

Why smoking weed with the flu is a bad idea:

Despite the popular belief that weed cures all ills and makes the sun shine on a rainy day; we can say with confidence, this is no more than a stoner’s fantasy. There’s a plethora of articles that instruct you on how to do it with “less pain or discomfort” and this should be a red-flag for anyone reading it. Why? Because if you have to force your body into jumping hoops to smoke–you’ve probably got an addiction issue brewing.

Coughing and the effects it already has on your body:

Though the article doesn’t mention marijuana; according to Health24, a cough that is persistent and hard can actually cause so much inflammation in the tissues of the throat that infections of the throat can occur. Prolonged coughing can cause ruptures in the lungs causing you to cough up blood. This–is not good–not good at all.

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Physiological effects of smoking weed with the flu:

Cannabis Sativa and THC are the main ingredients that make up marijuana and has at least 500 chemicals attached. To pin down an exact set of circumstances due to smoking weed while experiencing the flu is challenging. This is because each person is unique. With 500 chemicals entering the body there is one thing we can promise–a certain number of people will have an adverse reaction. If you’re on any type of cold medication or prescription it’s best to research what the reaction to some of those 500 chemicals are.

Several effects of weed with a cold or flu:

  • Some people react in a state of anxiousness after smoking weed. A number of cold and flu remedies cause this as well; so this may make things a lot worse for many hours. If you take no remedy for your illness then it’s still a crapshoot.
  • If you happen to be on a blood thinner it can heighten the dangers of bleeding during that time in addition to having a 3rd culprit interacting with cold and flu meds.
  • Driving is a serious hazard on weed with or without the consumption of cold and flu meds because your body makes you cloudy and in some cases light -headed or dizzy. But, some remedies cause dizziness and drowsiness. The weed can cause this to worsen so please if you must smoke–stay out of the car.
  • According to Web MD If you’re a regular weed smoker it can lead to chronic phlegm. If you see that you’re getting recurring chest infections, having other upper respiratory concerns or pneumonia– you need to seek medical evaluation. One good way to figure out if weed is the cause–stop using it for a while and see if you still contract issues. According to this medical website, your lungs fail to work as well as they should over long-term use and may lead to other pulmonary issue though current studies are unclear
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It’s in our opinion that we’ll have better studies in the next decade due to the legalization of marijuana in the United States. It’s legal in large enough cities that the numbers will tell us more later on.

In Closing;

It’s good to keep in mind that your body must work hard to expel germs when you have the flu. One of the most natural ways of doing that is through coughing. If your body has to also pay attention to 500 chemicals to expel with the germs, your recovery time gets longer.

Though, studies are scant as far as weed smoking even from a leading dispensary leading to COPD, asthma or lung cancer–we believe that with the current legal status and cooperation with those willing to do the work in the medical and addictions communities that we will find more conclusive evidence of the harm that marijuana addiction can cause.

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