Cycling Workout to Help You Hate Running Less

Cycling Workout to Help You Hate Running Less

People often hate their steps while running but they don’t find any plausible solution for this hatred. But there is some cycling workout that can assist you to hate running less and it can do through an exercise bike which serves as a potent cardio machine.

People often undermine the efficiency of workout on the stationary bike, so they mostly opt for an exercise in the open road which makes them exhausted. There is some specially selected cycling workout that has been chosen by researchers after a lot of experiment and those workout helps you to improve running by a large margin.visit here

A stationary bike is easily available on the market, and you can fit them in any place of your house no matter how small the place may be. People often think treadmill serves as a better alternative but they forget the fact that workout in exercise bike can provide the same result. Many experts’ stationary bikes are ideal for many people who want to achieve an optimum level and love running less. These workouts enhance the efficiency of your body by a large margin and assist in maintaining a right amount of fitness level that will keep you energized.

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The workout routine entirely depends upon your urge, but it is always best to give one day break in a week. You can opt for cycling on the workout exercise bike at any time of the day, but every expert suggests people to do them in the morning because you will start with fresh energy. These workouts have numerous health benefits and keep a lot of diseases at bay.

It will slowly increase your love towards running. These workouts are not only intended for runners but also for people who want to keep themselves energized. Here are some cycling workouts that will reduce your weekly mileage but still allow to achieve the same amount of fitness.

6-10-30 Workout

The 6-10-30 workout is a highly curated and meticulously designed cycling workout on the exercise bike, and it can provide a notable result within few months. You should start the exercise with normal warm up, and it is best to warm up for at least three minutes. During warm up, you should pedal at small resistance mark, and it should not go above 70 rpm. Then after warm up, you should start your exercise by going on a sprint for ten seconds, and the resistance of the pedal should stay around 15 to 17 range.

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After 10 seconds, you should opt for 30-second rest which allows the body to cool down slightly. This routine should be continued six times in a single stretch, and you shouldn’t choose for rest more than 30 seconds. The total workout won’t take more than ten minutes so you can easily get the needed work out within small time. It would be ideal if you keep a 50 rpm speed during the recovery period and speed should be against little resistance. During the cooling down period, you should pedal at 70 rpm speed, and the resistance should be low so that it is similar to your warm up routine.

Tabata Workout Process

Tabata work out is a twenty-second high-intensity cycling exercise on a stationary bike, and it is only intended to notch up the endurance level of the individual. Athletes usually follow Tabata workout, but many experts suggest that people want to notch up their endurance can easily opt for this exercise. This workout can be customized depending upon your rate of perceived exertion. You can start this cycling exercise by keeping your rate of perceived exertion between the range of 8 and 10.

Cycling Workout to Help You Hate Running Less

For this workout, you should start with little warm up for about five minutes, and the RPE or rate of perceived exertion should stay around 4. Then opt for two-second full sprint by keeping the RPE in 8 to 10 range, and you should repeat the workout for ten times. You should opt for ten-second rest after every interval of twenty seconds. The cool down period should last for five minutes, and the rep should be around 4 to 5.

10-20-30 Workout Routine

10-20-30 cycling interval workout program is a highly potent endurance work out which is designed by the department of exercise and sports sciences of the University Of Copenhagen. This is a complete cycling routine that can help you hate running less and gain result without running large distance. According to the research department, you should keep the resistance level same throughout the workout time interval. The main reason behind keeping a steady resistance because it gives you the power to control the intensity of pedaling.

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To start the workout, you should do warm up for seven minutes by keeping the RPE within 4, and you shouldn’t do more than seven minutes. Then you should pedal for thirty seconds by keeping the RPE within 6, and then pedal for twenty seconds by keeping the RPE in 7 to 8 range. Then switch to the ten-second interval where the RPE should be around 9, and you should opt for two minute recovery time. The cool down period should be around four minutes.

The Hour Workout Challenge

The hour workout challenge is an endurance workout program, and many people have benefited from this challenge. This is a tough workout exercise where the option of warm up totally depends upon you. First, you should start the exercise with a twenty minute pedaling at high intensity, and you should reach your maximum heart rate. With every interval, you should try to increase the time the five minute, and once you reach forty minute mark, you should opt for one hour challenge.

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Here is the list of cycling workout to help you hate running less.

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