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Five Proven Benefits of Working out in Addiction Recovery

Five Proven Benefits of Working out in Addiction Recovery

Handling substance addiction is not easy, and I can say that because I have seen my mom making desperate attempts to get me off drug addiction. I clearly remember that I used to be a bright child at the school until grade five. After that […]

Pro Tips to Get More From Group Fitness Classes

Pro Tips to Get More From Group Fitness Classes

Whether you’re swinging kettlebells or pedalling through a spin session, group fitness classes are a great way to get into shape. Health and fitness classes provide instructor motivation, an energetic atmosphere, and boredom proof routines to keep you going with personal accountability for your own […]

The Family Guide To Natural Remedies and Therapies

The Family Guide To Natural Remedies and Therapies

Your family is the most important element of your life, and the health of your children, your partner and yourself, are of course always at the forefront of your mind. When a child falls ill, trips and scrapes their knee, or suffers from an emotional setback, we as parents are always desperate to do whatever it takes to free them from the pain, or turmoil they may be feeling. When you or your partner suffer aches and pains or fall ill, you become acutely aware of your need to be well, so you can provide and care for your family. Of course, modern medicine and medical care should always be considered to ensure the health of our family, but there are minor injuries and instances that can be taken care of in the home. There are also alternative methods of treatment that are less invasive and not reliant on pharmaceutical drugs to offer pain relief, mental recuperation, and numerous other ailments you and your family may suffer.

Why use natural remedies?

Medicine has evolved from treatments that today would be deemed ridiculous to what many consider to be a modern miracle, with cures for all manner of diseases being discovered and implemented over a relatively short period of time. However, while many automatically reach for a shop-bought medicine to ease a headache or soothe a sprain or cut, there are those that are aware of the abundance of traditional natural remedies that have served generations of cultures. Many people prefer to seek out remedies that use natural methods, and medicines and procedures that use or contain natural ingredients rather than rely on pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, with the proper and regular amount of HGH, you’re able to look forward to remain healthy weight without going through any harmful reactions.

Natural methods to relieve bone, muscle, and joint problems

Not all natural methods of pain relief and treatment can be conducted at home, but just because you visit a health professional, this doesn’t mean you need to imbibe numerous drugs or undergo operations to alleviate your pain. There are reputable chiropractors who use natural and traditional methods to help with bone and chiropractic treatment itself. It is considered to be a complementary and alternative medicine in that it is not a conventional form of medicine. However, chiropractic care is so prominent in today’s society, that people often forget that it is an alternative form of medicine, which only serves to reiterate how effective this form of treatment is. When researching a suitable chiropractor for your family’s needs, ensure that the clinic has a website you can visit with an abundance of information about their company and services. You should be able to clearly see what they offer, their ethos and how to contact them. A good example of a clearly defined site from a reputable company is that of Life Refined Chiropractic.

Say goodbye to skin problems

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years by assorted cultures for all manner of skin problems. The clear liquid found in the leaves, beneath the aloin, the green outer layer of the aloe vera plant can be used to soothe burns, and to treat acne, eczema, and inflammatory skin conditions, and can even be used to alleviate arthritis. Although many different varieties of aloe vera have been known to have healing properties, it is the Aloe Vera Barbadenis variety that is thought to be the most effective. You can buy aloe vera from many health stores, or you can cultivate your own. If you choose to grow your own aloe vera plant, you will need to strip back the outer layer of the leaf either with a vegetable peeler or with a knife. You can also slice a segment of the leaf along the middle and scoop out the clear liquid. The green liquid of the aloin can have extremely unpleasant side-effects so make sure you wash away any green liquid and are left only with the clear, mucous-like gel of the aloe vera. This can then be used to soothe burns or grazes, and can even be ingested. The gel contains vitamin B12 and antioxidants that are believed to help prevent cancer.


The ancient art of using the perfect blend of essential oils to alleviate stress, induce sleep, reduce pain and even to unblock sinuses is a pleasant and relaxing method which can be helpful for children and adults. Aromatherapy has been shown to eradicate numerous problems including headaches and digestion problems. Oils can be added to a base oil to use during massage or can be used in a diffuser so that it is present in the air around you. You can also choose to burn essential oils or light a candle that is infused with essential oils. It is important to select your essential oils carefully, and if in any doubt, you should consult a professional about which oils are best for the condition you wish to improve. It is advised that pregnant women avoid particular essential oils and if you have a medical condition, you also need to be careful about which oils you use and how you use them.

Bach Flower Therapy

Although like aromatherapy in many ways, Bach Flower Therapy relies on using the essence of flowers to produce 38 remedies for assorted mental health problems. The flower essences are mixed with a solution of brandy and water which are then stored in small vials. Devised by the English Homeopath, Richard Bach in 1930, the remedies are used to help alleviate stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, and to aid concentration. Treatment requires only a few drops to be taken on the tongue or diluted in water. Bach Flower Therapy is popular the world over with people enjoying the convenience and efficacy of this traditional therapy.

Music therapy

This method of therapy is extremely versatile as it can be used to treat people of all ages from infants to the elderly. An accredited music therapy professional will use different methods to alleviate mental and physical health problems using specific music-based interventions. Music therapy can be used to treat mood disorders, prenatal stress, and anxiety, and can also be used to improve cognitive function in people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Patients living with dementia and Alzheimer’s can also benefit from this form of therapy as it has been shown to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with these conditions. Should a member of your family require music therapy treatment, you can, like many of the alternative remedies mentioned here, receive treatment in a center, or in your own home.


The ancient Chinese art of cupping involves using glass cups to create a vacuum on certain areas of the body. Cups are placed in specific places determined by the ailment that needs to be treated. Before the cups are placed on the skin, a vacuum is created by a flame being placed under the cup and the cup then being immediately placed onto the skin. The vacuum encourages blood to rise to the surface of the skin. A licensed practitioner performs the treatment and will determine where, and for how long, the cups remain in position with cups remaining for between five and fifteen minutes. Cupping can be used to ease muscle pain, to relax, to release toxins, and to promote circulation. This therapy can be used on children and adults.


Pilates is an activity that can be enjoyed in the family home and should be incorporated into your daily exercise routine. Pilates is the brainchild of Joseph Pilates whose mother was a naturopath, and father, a gymnast. Joseph developed a series of controlled exercises that can be performed alone or using specific aids such as a ball or Pilates ring. If you are completely new to Pilates, you should consult with your doctor before attempting it, and it is advisable to attend a class conducted by a professional Pilates instructor. Regular Pilates sessions can improve posture, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Pilates can also be used to strengthen muscles and to improve flexibility. Over time you will be able to perform complex Pilates exercises, and it is beneficial for your children to begin this form of exercise as early as possible, so their strength is improved and maintained from an early age.

Nutritional healing

We are all aware that certain foods are good for us and that junk food can be detrimental to our health, but nutritional healing introduces very specific diets that are believed to have certain healing properties. Natural foods, herbs, and supplements are used to create a strict diet that omits particular foods that are thought to hinder our well-being. One of the major benefits of nutritional healing is that it can be used alongside modern methods of treatment without impact, unlike some other natural remedies which may affect the efficacy of mainstream medicines. Nutritional healing is said to help eradicate certain nutritional deficiencies, and to boost the immune system. It also thought that this method of therapy can help with mood disorders and digestive problems.

Many health professionals agree that natural remedies can help certain people in some situations, and it is essential that you always seek your doctor’s advice before embarking on any form of therapy that is new to you and members of your family.

All you need to know about Eczema

All you need to know about Eczema

Eczema is a type of skin problem that results through red patches. It irritates your skin and happens in areas like the face, inner elbows, neck, behind knees, and so on. It is smart to go to a doctor immediately and discuss how to treat […]

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana

The Effects of Combining Morphine with Marijuana

Marijuana users will insistently tell you how it is not harmful to your health. ‘It is a plant’, they would say and seeing as it is a naturally occurring product that does not need any ‘industrial processing’ like cocaine, Marijuana is by far one of […]

Recreational Drug Use, Aloe Rid and Everything in Between

Recreational Drug Use, Aloe Rid and Everything in Between

Recreational drugs are something that many people engage on. It is a practice that is frowned upon, and many of these drugs are illegal and is harmful to our health. Some of them even have adverse effects to our brain and could cause serious damage.

However, some of these drugs are reportedly known to be not harmful and do not cause any negative effects if used in moderation. Still, it remains to be fact that most of these drugs are banned in many countries. (To learn more about these drugs, please click here.)

It is also sad fact that many people depend on these drugs for their survival. Some of these drugs were developed for medical use but humans found it more pleasurable to ingest them simply for the sake of it. Some of them even end up abusing the drug and become addicted. Others even make a profit out of it, as seen with the popular TV shows like Breaking Bad and NARCOS.

Usually, these drugs help them forget their troubles and lessen their stress. However, because they are mostly illegal, drug users tend to ingest them in secret. Some acquire plants to grow them in their backyard and sell it to others, like with marijuana.  This substance, known more scientifically as cannabis with its other variants, was first used for medicinal purposes. However, as time passed people began using it for recreational purposes. Some religions even promote the use of cannabis to strengthen their faiths. It was already classified as banned in many countries and for a very long time it continued to be so.

Recently, there is a surge for the legalization of cannabis in the West often citing its medicinal effects and little to no adverse effects on the body with proper use. As it is originally considered as a medicine, people were lobbying for it to be legalized. In the United States for example, only a handful of states recognize cannabis as a legal and medicinal drug. They are still trying to fight for the legalization of the drug so that many people can recognize its medicinal use.

Recreational Drug Use, Aloe Rid and Everything in Between weed leaf

Cannabis sativa, one of the variants of cannabis

As it is still considered illegal in many places, there are still other people who get arrested for its use. Others also lose their jobs because authorities found out they were using it. Celebrities get their reputation in tatters because of drug use. Athletes could even get disqualified from a few months to a lifetime for drug use. As they lead a very hectic and stressful life as well as the dictation of lifestyle, many of them cannot avoid drug use. Even being just being in the vicinity of someone using marijuana, you can ingest the substance and it could permeate your clothes and your hair.

Most companies require for their employees to have their drug test every so often, usually by random. This includes urine sampling and hair sampling. There are many techniques used to detoxify the urine and remove traces of cannabis but usually people forget about the hair. So if you are someone who uses cannabis and/or have friends who also use it with you, there are special types of shampoos that can remove it!

Well, it is a special type of shampoo which does not only make your hair clean (like all shampoos) but also remove the traces of cannabis in your hair follicles (not like all shampoos). That way, you can be sure that there are no traces of cannabis left in your hair and scalp. How to use it? Well, like any other shampoo! Massage it to your hair and scalp, then rinse. It is that easy! There are many brands in the market but two of the more famous ones are the Old Style Aloe Rid shampoo and Nexxus Aloe Rid.

Recreational drug use is rampant and many countries. Some do little to no harm to the body as these only aim to stimulate the senses, but there are many people who become addicted. Lives were even lost. There are very few casualties due to cannabis, but still have to be careful. These substances might make you feel good at first, but if you will become dependent it could become a disaster.

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5 most revolutionary beauty products of 2018

5 most revolutionary beauty products of 2018

As we are on the other half of the year, there are some quick beauty changes you must consider. We assume you follow the latest trends and want to know the perfect beauty products to retain your youthful. Here, we will share five revolutionary products […]

Fixing Critical Gear for Your Office

Fixing Critical Gear for Your Office

The integrity and productivity of your medical practice rely significantly on what type of equipment you use with which to treat patients. When these fixtures start to break down, it can be vital that you get them fixed right away. When you lack the skills […]

4 Steps to Weight Loss and Tackling Health Issues

4 Steps to Weight Loss and Tackling Health Issues

Weight loss tends to be one of the main goals many women have throughout the year. If you are looking to get into your best shape, it’s best to focus on making your health a priority. Sometimes, there are underlying health issues you need to tackle before you’ll be able to experience significant weight loss. Begin in these areas and pay attention to the difference they make in your life.

1. Daily Movement
If you don’t move it, you’ll lose it. Always find creative ways to work out every day. As you develop a habit of being active, you’ll have an easier time shedding the pounds. Instead of walking inside after work, take a ten-minute walk in the neighborhood. Wake up early and hit the gym before you go to work. Lift weights, do yoga and ride bicycles. Find activities you enjoy and do them on a daily basis.

2. Doctor Visits
Sometimes, there might be a hormonal imbalance that’s preventing weight loss. If this is the case, you’re going to want to see the doctor. To confirm the issue, the doctor will probably send you to get testing done. A machine like the open MRI can be instrumental in helping you get to the root of your issue.

3. Colorful Eating
Do your best to make sure that each meal is colorful. The only way this can happen is if you intentionally introduce lots of fruits and vegetables into each meal. Include green vegetables and colorful berries to your meals as they can help you get the nutrients you need to satiate the body and lose weight.

4. Impactful Rest
Many people underestimate the power of a deep sleep. Unfortunately, many don’t get to experience a good night’s rest due to a number of reasons. Whether it’s stress, insomnia or an uncomfortable bed, a lack of rest can become a chronic issue that impacts weight loss. Develop good sleep hygiene by improving the quality of your sleep. Get to bed by a specific hour and avoid the use of electronics before bed. As you get more rest, your body will feel more revived. It’ll also respond better to the demands you place on it.

What Should Veterans Do When VA Claims are Denied?

What Should Veterans Do When VA Claims are Denied?

Nearly one in five suicides in the US is committed by a veteran, according to the Center for Public Integrity. The tragic part of this is that many of these deaths could have been prevented with proper medical and mental health care, but many of […]