Why Do Patients Need a Bed Trapeze?

Why Do Patients Need a Bed Trapeze?

Temporary loss of bed mobility may require that you use specific devices to help you move around in bed. These devices may include a sliding board or a bed trapeze. In today’s article, we’ll focus on the bed trapeze.

A bed trapeze is a triangular metal bar that is attached to the head and foot of the bed. It’s used to help weak or injured patients move in bed. Patients, especially those with a cast, use the bed trapeze to lift themselves up. You can get a bed trapeze from medical supply stores either for sale or on rent.

As you attach the trapeze to the bed, make sure that you follow all the instructions as indicated in the manual. Ensure that all the bolts are tightened. You should also check the chain’s length to see if the patient can reach the trapeze with ease.

Is bed mobility really necessary?

When one is ill or injured, their mobility may be limited due to pain or weakness. Bed mobility means that you are in a position to carry out certain movements while in bed. If your bed mobility, you will require a physical therapist to help you regain your normal mobility with the help of bed mobility aids.

Some motions that are aimed at improving one’s mobility in bed include:

  1. Rolling over
  2. Lifting the hips
  3. Twisting and reaching
  4. Scooting up, down, and sideways
  5. Moving from lying down to sitting up and vice versa

Physical therapists prescribe the above motions to help patients who are confined in bed to improve their mobility. All the above-mentioned motions strengthen different muscles in the body

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The importance of bed mobility

If you lay in bed for long periods without moving about, your muscles will waste away and your body will suffer from atrophy. This worsens the situation further as it also causes bed sores in the areas of your skin that are in contact with the bed. The skin breaks down and forms pressure ulcers; these are extremely painful and require specialized treatment to heal.

How to prevent loss of bed mobility

To stop or prevent loss of bed mobility, you need to maintain regular physical activity. To remain fit, you ought to work out as prescribed by your physical therapist.

The exercises that will most likely be prescribed by your physical therapist include bridges, ankle pumps, short arc quads, glute sets, and leg raises.

Muscles from all over the body are needed to improve mobility. Some muscles that are targeted by exercise aimed at improving bed mobility include:

  • Calf muscles
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Biceps and Triceps
  • Rotator cuff muscles
  • Gluteus muscles. These are found in the hip region

Final Word

Always consult your physical therapist and discuss the available treatment options. This will make sure that whatever you do is safe for you.

If you have problems moving around, have a doctor assess your movement and decide what kind of exercise is the safest and fastest way to improve your mobility.

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