5 Ways to Improve Sex for Men with Low Testosterone

5 Ways to Improve Sex for Men with Low Testosterone

We all know that sex is one of the best and most tense pleasures ever existed. But this pleasure has been stolen from us by the pressures of our modern day life. We are too tired, too distracted, or even too busy to have sex. How does this happen? Where has your sex drive gone?
With all these pressures, the level of testosterone becomes lower than usual. Testosterone is what makes us want to have sex. Men with high testosterone levels don’t have problems with their libido. Women are quite different from men. They have a collection of hormonal changes and emotions that need to be satisfied in order to get in the mood for sex.
The worst enemy is True Sex Stories our modern life with all its pressures.

Both women and men produce testosterone. It is the main male sex hormone produced by the testicles while in women, it is produced but in small amounts from the ovaries.
Also, the adrenal glands in both sexes release small amounts of it.
When a male hits puberty, testosterone is one of the main hormones responsible for the changes that happen during this period such as increasing the muscle mass, making the voice deeper, and the growth of hair.

Reaching the optimal level happens during adulthood and older age. Testosterone is not only essential for the sexual function but also for the overall health. Even the small amounts produced by the ovaries participate in the general health of the females.

We have collected the top 6 ways to improve your sex life in case you have a low testosterone level.

1. Eat Well:
You are what you eat; that is a common saying among people who go on a diet especially vegans. It is also 100% true.
Your food has a major impact on your hormones level, especially on your testosterone level.
That is why you must take care of the number of calories you take and your overall diet.
Overeating behaviors have the ability to disrupt the levels of hormones including your testosterone levels.

You should have your needs of proteins because it is essential in regulating your hormone level and maintain your overall health. Proteins also aid in fat loss which is great for both the health and sex.
Carbohydrates are also essential in reaching the optimal levels of testosterone.
Surprisingly, fats also are important for the overall health including your sexual health. You need to take the proper needs of healthy fats to keep your testosterone level optimal.

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The best thing to do is to have a balanced diet. Eat everything but keep the amounts balanced.

2. Take Your Vitamins & Supplements:
There are specific minerals and vitamins essential for sex.
Researchers found that zinc and vitamin B play a major role in increasing the quality of semen. Zinc is taken as a supplement by athletes to boost their testosterone level.
Another study found that vitamins A, E, and C also play a role in improving sex hormones and boosting testosterone levels.
Keep your body levels of all vitamins and mineral optimal, especially zinc and vitamin D.

3. Natural Testosterone Boosters:
There are a lot of natural testosterone boosters out there. However, just a few of them are supported by scientific research.

Ashwagandha is the most famous herb considered as a natural testosterone booster.
A study made on the effect of Ashwagandha found that this herb increases the testosterone level by 17% in infertile men and enhance the sperm count by 167%.
Infertile men, Ashwagandha increases the testosterone level by 15% and lowers cortisol by 25%. Cortisol is the enemy of testosterone; when cortisol is down, testosterone increases.

Another common natural testosterone booster is ginger extract. It has the ability to boost all your hormones levels and provides you with great health benefits too. Also, it is delicious.
However, nearly all the studies done on ginger have been applied only on animals. Just one study was made on infertile men and found that ginger extract has the ability to boost their testosterone levels by 15% and enhance the levels of the rest of sex hormones.

Other common herbs such as horny goat weed, Mucuna Pruriens, Shilajit and Tongkat Ali still need more research. All the studies done on these herbs have been applied on mice and animals but they are promising and have no harmful effects so you can give them a try if you want.

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If you have normal testosterone levels, these herbs will not be beneficial to you. They just increase low testosterone level so they are good for infertile men and men with low testosterone levels only.

4. Change Your Lifestyle & Limit Your Use of Estrogen-like Products:
Your testosterone level is affected by many factors including your lifestyle.
For example, drinking too much lowers your testosterone level, decreases your libido, and prevent your penis from having a full erection.
That is why you need to change your lifestyle completely if necessary and follow a healthier one.

Also, it is better to avoid products that have high levels of estrogen-like compounds. Chemicals like BPA, Parabens and other similar chemicals lower your testosterone level significantly if you are exposed to them constantly. If need be, you can take the best estrogen blocker to curve the estrogen in your body alongside a number of beneficial side effects

Some of the most amazing studies found that happiness, laughing, reaching goals, and living happily and successfully are natural testosterone boosters too.

5. Consider Counseling a Doctor:
Any sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction and low libido must be taken seriously. Consider consulting a doctor if these tips didn’t work. The problem may be due to a psychological or physical problem you are not aware of. Some problems need professional help.

6. Use Jelqing Technique

Jelqing is a safe and natural stretching that may improve your penis, boost libido and your sexual confidence. Read more here – https://www.bathmatepump.com/jelqing/

• The Conclusion:
Following the previous tips will increase your testosterone level which will enhance your libido and improve your sex life in general. Also, if you need extra help, you can try a medication.
Cialis and Tadalafil are among the best medication available in the market nowadays to help men with erectile dysfunction and low libido. One of these medications in addition to the previous tips will help you to have a great sex life.
You can check them out and purchase them online from here:
Happy sex life.

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