Could This Be True? 10 Benefits of Using Marijuana

Could This Be True? 10 Benefits of Using Marijuana

Even though the medical benefits of cannabis are being studied and validated, on a daily basis, few people know how useful this wonder plant really is for our bodies. The most common side-effects like short-term memory loss and sleepiness were exaggerated over the last century. The list of medical and industrial uses for the cannabis plant is growing by the day as people wake up to the trend of homeopathic medicines and turn to Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet. Because medical marijuana is a multi-billion dollar industry with global profit potential, now is the time to invest in the stalwarts. Let’s consider the top ten benefits of using marijuana, below.

Prevention of Blindness

Because cannabis lowers the intraocular pressure inside the eyeball, it has long been prescribed for glaucoma suffers to relieve pressure on the optic nerve. The sound research behind its effectiveness has been well-documented since the ’70s. In many U.S. states, patients qualify for medical marijuana prescriptions if they suffer from glaucoma.

Halting Epileptic Seizures

The cannabinoid receptors and THC receptors in the brain have a calming effect that desensitizes the hypersensitive neurons responsible for triggering epileptic seizures. Studies have proven that epileptic rats were effectively treated with marijuana and were able to halt seizures in 10-hours after use.

Children who are afflicted by the rare seizure disorders Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet synonyms have also demonstrated miraculous results when conventional therapies failed. The legality of medical marijuana led many parents to move to different states simply to benefit from the laxer laws. The ideal balance of melatonin, cannabidiol, and THC in marijuana has the potential to help anyone relax and free themselves of the stresses that trigger physiological reactions in the body.

Arthritis Relief

Medical marijuana is the homeopathic medicine of choice to treat the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis. When combined with glucosamine and chondroitin, the patients regain physical function and live a higher quality of life. Staying fit and active allows patients to reduce the risks of hypertension and diabetes. Although hypertension is the silent killer, diabetes greatly reduces the lifespan of individuals who develop it because it leads to glycation of the arteries and increased plaques that choke off circulation to organs and the brain.

A Vital Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Not only does marijuana reduce the pain associated with Parkinson’s Disease, but it also reduces the tremors and improves fine motor skills to help sufferers regain their mobility and sustain a higher quality of life. People who suffer from Parkinson’s are even more vulnerable to developing negative lifestyles that lead to reduced lifespans and diseases.

Protects the Brain After Injuries

Studies show that marijuana helps to insulate the brain from further damage while it recovers after a stroke or other traumatic event like a concussion. The University of Nottingham carried out tests on mice, monkeys, and rats to validate this theory.

Post-Traumatic Stress Relief

People on LSD have long known that marijuana reduces the fears and anxiety that leads to bad trips. Thankfully, in many U.S. states, the stress triggers and symptoms of PTSD can be lawfully treated with marijuana. Military veterans, since the days of Vietnam, have long known that cannabis can calm them after horrific trauma on the battlefield.

Reducing the Effects of Lupus

People diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus suffer from an autoimmune disorder where the immune system becomes overactive and starts attacking body parts. Because immune cells of the body have cannabinoid receptors that calm autoimmune responses when marijuana is used, it is no surprise that marijuana would be useful for treating lupus by calming down the immune system.

Relief for Muscle Spasms

There are a number of muscle spasm disorders, including the rare myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter disorder, that are effectively treated with marijuana. People who suffer from myoclonus diaphragmatic flutter can find it difficult to speak or even breathe because their diaphragm muscles are going through spasms. The anti-inflammation, pain relief, relaxation, and positive healing energy that marijuana provides in a single low side-effect package continues to baffle scientists.

Relief for Patients on Chemotherapy

The chemotherapy that is used to treat cancer and eradicate any latent cancer cells in the body is easily tolerated when patients have marijuana. Chemotherapy prevents the body from going through mitosis, the process where cells split and multiple. It is an important element of cancer care that has severe side-effects like severe pain, vomiting, constant nausea, and a signature metallic taste in the mouth. People going through chemotherapy benefit greatly from the comfort of marijuana to regain their appetites, reduce the pains, and suppress nausea without adding to the toxicity of the chemo drugs.

Anxiety Reduction

Researchers have demonstrated that low doses of marijuana benefit users with decreased anxiety. The CBD and positive mood induced by THC can work together to relieve stress and remove the overactivity of neurons that progressively exacerbate fears and worries. However, other studies suggest that high doses of marijuana can induce anxiety by making users paranoid. Finding that happy medium where you feel comfortable is the goal of this homeopathic remedy.

Medical Marijuana is a Gamechanger in HealthCare

It is a consequence of progressive studies that allows humanity to find the usefulness of so many commodities in the world. For example, for many decades people had thrown away volatile gasoline by failing to understand its potential. Gasoline was once thought of as an undesirable byproduct left over from kerosene lamp oil production.

When you consider all the benefits of medical marijuana and the usefulness of the hemp fibers of the plant, there is no better time to start thinking about how you can make your insight of the industry work for you. Even though medical marijuana continues to grow into a huge lawful industry across the world, a lot of investors fail to do their homework and still hang onto negative stigmas. The truth is that there is no better time to start backing your portfolio with medical marijuana as the popularity and image of the once-outlawed plant continues to improve.

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