Wondering Why Your Skincare Routine Doesn’t Work? Here Are 6 Mistakes You Do

Wondering Why Your Skincare Routine Doesn’t Work? Here Are 6 Mistakes You Do

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Have you been using the same skincare routine over and over again for a long time already? Tried a new one which was said to be effective? Used what your friend uses? All these can lead you to disappointment when you see no improvement but instead notice some issues.

There might be something wrong, and you don’t even notice because you’re too distracted by the thought that it’s what you’re used to. If you’re wondering why it isn’t working well, here are 6 possible reasons! Read well and see what applies or may apply to you:


People have different skin types, thus, different needs. Your skincare routine is not working maybe because it’s not suitable for your skin type, and it’s not what you need. Products that function well for most of your friends do not guarantee effectiveness when you try them on you. It’s just because not all people have the same skin.

If you do not know what your skin is compatible with, you will just use skincare products without knowing that their ingredients make a bad effect on your skin. Knowledge about it, on the other hand, will keep you safe from creams, body sprays and facial washes which are harmful to your skin type or which show unfavorable effects.


A skincare routine has steps done usually, and if you do not follow those steps, rather skip some, it cannot function its full work and purpose. When doing it, there is a proper order as well that if you do not observe, don’t help you do what you want to do.

Every skin care product has a specific function, and the steps are given because, through them, the process goes smoothly. If your skin experiences the rejuvenation, repairing and nourishing in the right way, you will see the best results.

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Because it’s called a “routine”, it means it must be done repeatedly. You must not skip it just like how you routinely take a bath daily. You need discipline in order for you to completely do it. Without consistency and discipline, the beneficial functions and excellent chemicals present in the products you use can do just a little bit. If you just perform your skincare routine just at the start, then, you’ll see results only at the start as well or not at all.


One of the most common mistakes a lot of people, which might include you, do is using more than one skincare routine with products more than the suggested, prescribed or needed. Sometimes, you watch videos of beauty tips and agree to use everything. The effects of those products overlap especially if they’re not a set of the same brand which is supposed to be used all at the same time.


The beauty and health of the skin do not just lie on what you apply, but also on how you live your life. You might have bad habits included in your unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, depriving yourself of proper sleep, eating very unhealthy foods and so much more. All these affect your skin negatively so get rid of them if you want to see how amazing your skincare routine can function without any hindrance.


If the mistake isn’t just about what you apply or do, it’s also about how you think. Yes, it might also be in the mind. You expect too much and too highly about the products you buy and apply. Maybe it’s because of the advertisements or of how you’ve seen results from other people. Well, the key is to not expect too much. Be patient. Even when the commercial says best results will show after a week, remind yourself that it’s an advertisement, and you must be patient to see what’s real.

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Lower your expectations so that you don’t get disappointed and frustrated about making your skin better. When you try a new product, keep in mind and tell yourself that you’re trying it for the first time, and there’s no need to expect much. It could be good or not, and that is the purpose of trying it in the first place. You’ll soon get the results you want to see.



A skincare routine that is really for you and that you put great efforts to will really do its work so you achieve a gorgeous and healthy skin. Always remember that the best results come after the best practices and the best mindset.


Here Are 6 Mistakes You Do Nicole Ann PoreNicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a holistic Medical Aesthetics, and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment, and result to its guests. She cares a lot about her skin and her body and encourages others to care about theirs too through writing safe reminders and informative pieces about skin and health. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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