The Time Is Now, the Trees Demand It: How to Go Paperless as a Business Strategy

The Time Is Now, the Trees Demand It: How to Go Paperless as a Business Strategy

We’re becoming more of a paperless society by the day. This isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also good for business.

It takes 500,000 trees to produce a Sunday edition for every newspaper across the country. With declining numbers both in weekday and Sunday circulation, most publishers have taken their papers online.

In other words, newspapers are now going paperless.

Insurance and utility companies would rather send you your monthly bill via email as opposed to snail mail. Credit card companies, mortgage lenders, and banks are also following the paperless trend.

One of the biggest motivators is money.

Going paperless will save your company money. Even if you don’t send out printed material, you receive it.

Are you trying to decide if your office should go paperless? We’ll give you a little nudge. Here are three simple ways to go paperless — today.

3 Ways to Go Paperless

Before we get into the ways to go paperless, we understand there are times when you simply can’t.

For instance, many government entities still require printed documents for filings. You also may need paper documents for financial or legal purposes — even if both industries are making a paperless push.

Yet, there are three simple ways that your office can reduce the amount of clutter and access information faster.

1. Paychecks

Printed paychecks are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Most employers prefer their employees sign up for direct deposit. Banks like this one, too.

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If you’re concerned about your employees’ pay stubs, don’t be.

You can find pay stub maker software online. It’s simple to use, fast, and saves time and money!

2. Cloud-Based Operations

Clutter, clutter everywhere. How many file cabinets do you have taking up space in your office?

Get rid of them and replace them with cloud technology.

Using a cloud-based filing system allows you and your staff to have better communication. It will also make it easier to get your customers the info they need.

Scan all your existing documents and upload them to a cloud-based server. You can do some research into cloud hosting providers.

Your office can also take advantage of a couple cloud-based services.

Slack is becoming a go-to for interoffice memos. It’s also a quicker way for departments to communicate with themselves and other sectors of a company.

Using Google docs is another way to improve your office’s communication. You’re about to edit your marketing manager’s plan with notations on the side. They’ll open the doc and see exactly what needs to get edited.

Keep in mind, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance. If you’re in government, retail, or technology you’re at an increased risk for a breach. Make sure you’re protecting your data, as well as your customer’s, at all costs.

3. Accounts Payable/Receivable

From now on, send out digital invoices. Set up a PayPal account so they can transfer your money instead of mailing a check. Offer them a discount if they opt for this payment method.

Ask your vendors to send your invoices via email instead of sending a paper copy. They may not be ready for this yet, so don’t push them if they aren’t. In time, they’ll come around.

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Sign up for paperless billing for your utilities. Find out if your landlord/leaseholder will allow you to pay online. Have your bank send you digital statements every month.

Your accounting department will have an easier time sending payments out and keeping track of your receivables too.

Is Your Office Ready to Go Paperless?

If you decide it’s time to go paperless with your business, start with the three steps above. Change doesn’t happen overnight but in a paperless office, it will happen faster.

Make sure your employees receive the new technology training they need to transition better. Hiring a consulting firm to help you make the digital transformation is also a smart move.

What other professionals should you hire to help you handle your business? Check out our “hire a pro” blog.

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