Letting Go: How to Finally Stop Hoarding for Good

Letting Go: How to Finally Stop Hoarding for Good

Does it seem like your house is getting smaller each week? If you can’t bear the thought of getting rid of your stuff, this is bound to happen.

Hoarding doesn’t just mean you have a messy home. It’s a health issue. In fact, a hoarding disorder can lead to anxiety, depression, and isolation.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reverse this behavior. If we have your attention, keep reading. We’re going over some tips on how to stop hoarding for good.

Take it Slow

If things have been piling up for a while, there’s no sense trying to tackle it all in one day. You’ll just end up getting frustrated.

Instead, set small goals and complete them before moving to the next area. This will make the process easier and also boost your confidence.

Plan on clearing out a small section of a room or closet. Make that the only thing you focus on for that day.

You could also set a schedule each time you work. For example, make it a point to spend one hour on a room each day.

Hone Your Organization Skills

Getting control of a hoarding problem is all about organization. You’ll need to make some serious decisions while you work.

Obviously, you’re not going to throw away everything you own. However, as you start clearing out space, you need to also start organizing the things you keep.

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Look into buying storage containers and shelves that will help you keep things from piling up again. You also need to start organizing things by room.

Once you start organizing, you can start cleaning. If this is too much for you, learn more about services that can help you out.

Scaling Down Your Prized Possessions

Sentimental items will probably pose the biggest issue for you. It’s hard to get rid of something that’s attached to a memory.

A good way to approach this is to scale down instead of trying to get rid of it all. Form piles, each with a level of importance.

When creating these piles, ask yourself what kind of value each item carries. If you haven’t thought about or used an item in years, there’s no reason to keep it.

Once you’ve scaled down enough, you can actually display the items that made the cut.

Prevent Future Hoarding

Once you’ve taken back control of your home, you’ll need to implement some new practices to avoid a hoarding relapse.

Set a rule that every time you bring a new item into your home, you have to get rid of something else. This prevents old, unused things from piling up again.

You should also clean and organize your home every week. Doing it on a regular basis keeps the job manageable. This helps you avoid getting stressed and overwhelmed.

Now You Know How to Stop Hoarding

If you’ve had a hoarding problem for years, you probably don’t realize how much more pleasant an organized life is. It may be hard to let go of things at first, but your new environment will be well worth the struggle.

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Use these tips on how to stop hoarding and turn your home into a space you’ll appreciate.

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