What You Need To Know About Zellige Tiles

What You Need To Know About Zellige Tiles


Zellige tiles are handmade. They are made from unrefined clay that is hand kneaded with water, shaped and carefully dried, and finally, kiln-fired to produce different appearances.

These tiles are loved by many because;

  • They are prestigious and can be used for the finest projects
  • They come in a variety of colors
  • They have uneven tone, and when the light hits them, they take on a layered look as though water is shimmying across them

Usage and crafting

Zellige tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor home decor. They are known for their sparkle shine that comes from all their flaws, cracks and chippings. This is what we would call an imperfect perfection. Each tile is cut by hand thus unique, and when each tile interacts with others, we obtain a fascinating appearance that is far much better as a whole than the sum total of each individual tile.

The process of crafting these tiles gives an artisan a challenging environment and an opportunity to utilize their developed skills. The art of crafting these tiles has been here for centuries.

a) Indoor usage

Zellige tiles can be used in the following places in our homes;

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Home entrances
  • Stairs
  • Fireplace

b) Outdoor Usage

Zellige tiles can also be used as gardens and courtyards. The interaction of a variety of these tiles results into attracting visuals that are very appealing to the eye and can be used to impress and reveal ones enchanting artistic taste to guests.

These tiles can also be used in the swimming pool water line and on fountains. For wholesale vaping supply, you should buy from a trusted online seller.

Standard and specifications

Zellige tiles have unique characteristics because they are customized and handcrafted based on the client preferred design and preferences. As a result, there is no standard for these tiles because they are not industrials manufactured. However, the following standards are adapted for ceramic products.

  1. Resistance to surface abrasion
  2. Resistance to thermal shock
  3. Resistance to a chemical reaction

Weight and packaging

A standard Zellige tile is 11-12mm in thickness and weighs 16/22 Kilograms. The weight of packaging and protection material should be added to transport cost. Tiles are protected with foam dividers and are packaged in boxes.


Zellige tiles are available on limited stock. When stocks are sold out 8-10 weeks are sufficient to

craft others depending on specifications and volume of production.


Zellige tiles can be ordered as an individual tile, and individual pieces can then be installed as mosaic on-site by a professional installer. A tile panel can be made to suit your order specifications. There are two-panel sizes namely;

  1. Resin slab which is half an inch thick
  2. Concrete slabs which are an inch thick.

Now that you know much about this product feel free to try them in your homes. You can have them customized to fit your own desired pattern and design. Also, feel free to share this information with your friend and leave a comment in the comment section.

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