How To Avoid Parasites When Traveling

How To Avoid Parasites When Traveling

Parasites are deadly creatures that thrive on their host. Ringworms, tapeworms, lichens, are some of the commonly encountered parasites. If you have already been infested by these parasites then you must know exactly what it feels like. These parasites can easily lead to some common diseases such as poisoning, diarrhea, anxiety, and some other chronic diseases like asthma. The type of disease depends on the type of parasite you have been infested with.

You definitely don’t want to face them. To avoid getting in contact with these maggots, you need to know from where you can get them.

1. Blood Contact

These parasites are easily transferable. A person who is already a host to parasites could be an easy way for them make entry into your body. A dead body would have a number of these parasites. Making contact with such a body or even the blood from such a body can easily give way to these parasites to enter your body.

2. Quarantine Zones

Quarantine zones are the places where epidemic outbreaks have been detected and the population is evacuated. These zones are the breeding grounds for these worms. Entering such an area can put you in danger of parasitic attack, which could be life-threatening in some cases.

3. Sexual Intercourse

Yes, it is true! These worms can be transferred through sexual intercourse as well. For example, HIV- Virus, that is known for causing AIDS is known to spread through unsafe sexual intercourse, and it is parasitic in nature. There are a number of other examples that you can find on the internet so, ensure that the next time you have sex, you put on your safety hat.

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4. Public Toilets

While traveling, you are bound to use public toilets. But, you wouldn’t know that these toilets are actually the most infested areas, and to avoid parasites while traveling, you should make sure that you don’t touch any surface. Rather you should use a paper towel.

5. Air Pollens

Fungi and many other fungi-like parasites are airborne. They can easily travel across places with the air. Make sure you wear a mask to avoid any pollens from entering your body through your nasals.

6. Improper Sanitation

Bacterias that cause cholera and diarrhea are found in human and animal intestines. Making contact with feces in an open atmosphere puts you in potential danger. Improper sanitation facilities could be the reason why you should make contact with feces. Make sure you always use proper sanitation to avoid the spread of these suckers.

7. Polluted Water

Another common breeding ground for these parasites is polluted water. These maggots survive on waste and a polluted source of water could be perfect for these to nourish and prosper. It would be best to drink or consume only filtered water. Do not enter pools or streams that are used for dumping wastes or are nearby to dumping grounds.

These parasites can easily be contacted. Moreover, they cannot be detected very easily. There are signs that these guests give away. If you have been into any of the situations as mentioned above, you should make an appointment with your doctor and get a full body checkup. Make sure that you avoid these situations at all unless you wish to make an adventure trip in near future to your nearest hospital.

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