How To Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Oasis Of Greenery

How To Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Oasis Of Greenery

Living in urban surroundings, city apartments, heavy traffic, far from nature’s healing eco-power can bring a lot of hidden stress into our lives. We are in great need to bring some of nature’s friendliness and healing capability into our everyday living. Weekend trips into the countryside or nature are good ways for that, but what if when we can’t leave for the weekend? How about turning your home into an oasis of tranquillity and stress-free zone? It may turn out to be much easier than you can imagine.

Where to start?

Once you decided to turn your home into a place where you can not only rest after a day’s work but into a place where you can relax, charge your batteries and enjoy a patch of green nature in your everyday life you will need some planning. You need to decide which rooms you want to enrich with plants. You need to choose your house plants carefully because there is a great choice of greenery and you need to decide which of them fit into your lifestyle better than others. Some of the plants can be poisonous so be careful if you have small children or pets. There are blooming plants that will color your home with wonderful flowers and those that are only green or have flowers that are very indistinguishable. Plants come in plane pots and you will need to choose some that will blend in with your furniture or will be a bold detail.

How to choose greenery?

Find out if there are any plant nurseries near you and go there to see what they offer. Usually, there is a nice choice of house greenery from which you can choose what you like. Ask the workers there if they can help you with your choice. They are very friendly and very helpful and will help you choose the right plants if you tell them what you want. Try to listen to them and ask about the characteristics of plants you are interested in. They can give you the best information about it. For example, if you say you want a plant that will be in your bedroom, they can give you information about the plants that produce oxygen at night time, such as Snake plant or Mother-In-Law’s tongue. They can also give you all the info about how tall will some plants grow or how to take the best care of them.

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Oasis Of Greenery

How to care about your greenery

All living things need care, plants included. Different plants require different things. Some like more water and less heath and some like less water and more heath. The PH of the earth in pots is very important for the plants as well. Plants need to be relieved from dry leaves and dry branches by cutting them. There is food for plants that you should give to them from time to time. You will also need proper tools for taking care of your plants. You can check out Hoselink for some great garden equipment and tools that are necessary for keeping your greenery in perfect condition. Taking care of your plants is an everyday job but it won’t take you a lot of time. You may find it quite enjoyable to check on your plants and notice new things about them – when they are ready to bloom when they produce new leaves if they need some special care and that may be as rewarding as spending leisure time in their company.

How To Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Oasis Of Greenery

Where to put your plants?

Once you have chosen your greenery and the pots you will plant them in, you will have to choose a good place for them. Plants need natural lighting to make sure they get plenty of it. Put large pots with high plants against the wall near the window and smaller pots with smaller plants on tables and shelves. There are some plants that can thrive with less light than others. These plants you can put further away from the windows. That way your whole room will be equally enriched with greenery and not only the places near the windows. If you have chosen blooming plants, make sure they have a spot where they can be seen and you can enjoy their beauty. You can surround your favorite relaxation place with greenery. That way you will benefit the most. You will be surrounded by oxygen and pleasant smell of plants and your relaxation period will be for your health benefit as well. A room full of green plants can heal only by viewing it, and the amount of fresh oxygen your plants will produce is enough to keep you and your loved ones in great condition.

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Your home is a place you spend lots of time in. It should be a place where you feel the most relaxed and the best. Putting plants and greenery into your living space will help you relax and feel even better, as you are doing something that brings new quality into your life and lives of your loved ones.

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