Reasons To See Your Dentist

Reasons To See Your Dentist

Already Have A Bright Smile?

For those who already have a perfect smile, you may not feel the need to visit your dentist regularly. Your teeth are white, you don’t experience any pain when chewing, and you typically keep up with your brushing. So, what’s the point of seeing a dentist? This is a dangerous state of mind to have. Just because your teeth may be white and you don’t experience pain doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong with your teeth. Gum disease doesn’t always make itself known until you’re caught in its throes. Even if you seemingly have perfect teeth, it’s important to make an appointment at Park Slope family dentistry for the following reasons.

1. Removal Of Tough Plaque

Even if you brush and floss every day, it’s not always possible to remove plaque from certain areas of your mouth. This is largely because you lack the proper equipment that you need to remove the plaque. A dentist does not. They have the high-quality equipment that is necessary to get into the tight areas between your teeth and the delicate equipment for reaching the edge of your gum line to ensure that the plaque is removed safely and efficiently. Without a thorough cleaning at a dentist, that plaque can build up and harden to a point where not even you can remove it with floss. You’re on the way to gum disease after that…especially without a specialist visit to My Plantation Dentist or the equivalent.

2. Oral Disease

Another avenue in which dentists can help even those with seemingly perfect teeth is that they can spot oral diseases and conditions. Unless you went to school for dentistry, you likely wouldn’t be able to notice the beginning stages of certain diseases in the mouth. A dentist has and can. Whether it be cancer, an STD, or another form of a disease, they can be the first to make you aware of it. By catching it early, you have a greater chance of fighting and curing oral disease.

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