Shortcuts to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Shortcuts to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you the type of person who winces and jolts when someone tells you that they are having fun while working out? Do you have trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle, due to tight schedules? Well, you’re definitely not alone in this. The majority of people face these problems or loathe the idea of exercising regularly and/or eating healthy. But what if we told you that these habits can be both fun and easy? Even if you consider yourself to be ’lazy’ in that regard, or maybe you’re pulling out the good old excuses such as ’I don’t have time for exercising/eating healthy,’ – there really are many different ways for you to change that and get moving.

Set realistic goals in the beginning

The first mistake that you can make when committing to a healthier lifestyle is going all-in. Take small steps, and take pride in what you achieved. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting out of the chair. But don’t try to do too much at once. For starters, it would be more than enough to take a brisk 10-minute walk in the neighborhood, or get down on the floor and do some yoga or stretching.

Try to do that every day. Let that be your first goal. 10-20 minutes of light exercises won’t work wonders for you overnight, but what really matters is building up that routine. The progress is bound to happen, just stick to your plan long enough and the results will gradually show. Even if you skip a workout or two, the important thing is not to give up and continue with your old nasty habits. Focus on long-term plans and look at the bigger picture. Don’t let minor setbacks distract you from your goals.

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Have fun while working out

Shortcuts to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Does doing push-ups and sit-ups regularly sound like a tedious nightmare? What about playing games? We people are homo ludens, beings who like to play, as Johan Huizinga famously wrote. You can do just about anything while playing games – including getting fit. Just think about all those team sports out there, that people are enjoying every day.

You don’t have to be at a high or professional level to have fun playing a sport with your friends or a random group of people. The core element of everything is some kind of game, you just have to find the one that suits you the most. If you are not a fan of going to the gym, try running/jogging, swimming, riding a bike, roller skating, or hiking in the woods. Getting your body to move is what’s really important. And by all means, it doesn’t have to be conventional. You can try dancing regularly, throwing a frisbee with friends or flying a kite. It all counts as a form of exercising, and you will quickly see the benefits also.

Fast food doesn’t have to mean ’junk’ food

Shortcuts to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The notion that quickly prepared foods are by default unhealthy is a myth busted a long time ago. So is the one which tells a story that all healthy foods taste bad. For example, for breakfast, you can make a delicious omelet by adding some spinach or lettuce to the mix, and some cheese on top. If you’re in a hurry, just put sliced avocado on top of the toasted whole-grain bread, add salt, pepper and olive oil. You won’t be hungry until lunch with so many healthy, unsaturated fats.

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For lunch, opt for grilled turkey or chicken breasts over hamburgers. Higher protein intake also makes you fuller for longer periods of time. Great alternative for quick meal preparation is making a tasty smoothie as well. You can make them in no time. Blend your favorite fruits and veggies with a couple of spoons of oats and supplement it with True Protein, and you have virtually everything your body needs. Higher protein intake is especially recommended if you’re working out. Protein supplements are an awesome way to heal those torn muscle fibers after exercising.


So, to conclude, there really shouldn’t be any excuses in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you find tedious or annoying some of the more traditional methods of working out, choose something adventurous and daring instead. Even if you’re too busy with daily tasks and can’t find enough time to eat right and exercise on a regular basis, there are still more than a few ways to get around this. Life is not always fun and games, but why not make working out and eating good, nutritious foods entertaining and amusing? Remember, it’s never too late to pick up those healthy habits. Now you know that it’s really not that hard to make these changes. Basically, all it takes is good will and right approach towards something which is often times labeled as tiresome.

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