Essential oil for babies and love – they are same

Essential oil for babies and love – they are same

So, if you are reading this article here, it means you are interested in essential oils, you want to use them and want to dig in deep for more information. Essentials oils bring a lot of benefits for every one of us, however; they have some side effects as well if not used in a proper way. Also, you need to find out which essential oil is the best for you. Let’s start then.

There are so many essential oils available in the market that at a glance to all of them, it might be a little overwhelming to choose the best one. Moreover, when it comes to the littlest member of the family, too many questions may cover your mind i.e. why to use essential oil? How to use? Who can use it? It is going to help us in living a healthy life?

This article is going to give you some basic information and also going to tell you about the best essential oil.

What are essential oils

Essential oils are not actually oils, they are the extract taken from leaves, flowers, herbs, barks, and rinds and concentrated into an oil. Essential oils can be used with editable oil (vegetable oil), face creams, bath soaps, some can be used directly on the skin, you can smell them, rub them and can even use them in diffusers in your room. Essential oils can be beneficial if used in the right way.

How to use?

Essential oils can be used mainly in 5 different ways

Always dilute the essential oil using a carrier oil and never use them directly. You can use the essential oil in a diffuser and use the same in your room. Best to use the diffuser in the morning. Inhale the essential oil. You can apply the oil on your chest, feet, temple area or pulse points. You can mix the oils in your bath water. You can use the oil for a body massage as well

Major benefits of essential oils for babies

• Colic

• Common cold

• Diaper rash

• Dry and flaky skin

• Constipation

• Hiccups

• Fever

• Flu

• Teething

• Jaundice

• Rashes

• Respiration issue

• Sleep issues

What essential oil to use?

Certainly, there are many variations available when it comes to aromatherapy but Oilogic care has proved to be the best in almost essential oils available for your babies and toddlers. Oilogic Care extracts their essential oils from trees and from the places where these trees are indigenous to. Their oils are diluted and concentrated in a perfect way so that it gives 100% pure care to your babies.

Oilogic products have a varied range, it starts from roll-ons, diffusers, vapor bath mixtures, ointments etc. it helps, soothes and relieves the baby in several different ways starting from their cough, sneeze, rashes, stuffy nose, bug bites, slumber, and sleep as well.

Most of the essential oils are not meant for babies, at least not until they are 6+ months old, but Oilogic soothing essential oils are the purest that you can use from the very first month of your baby. All the Oilogic products have one thing in common, that are all marked as “made safe”.

It means their essential oils are certified as the safest and it has been certified that the ingredients used in these essential oils cannot do any harm on humans. Scientists have thoroughly researched every ingredient, and their chemical components to make these essential oils finally. It is the safest option that you can get for your babies and keep them healthy and happy forever in the most natural way.

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