Store Your Makeup with Style

Store Your Makeup with Style

Everyone is guilty of tossing their favorite lipstick into their purse without a thought, only to pull it out later and see it covered with the purse’s contents.

Makeup is precious — and can be costly — so it’s important to keep it contained and safe from harm (and safe from harming other things).

We love makeup cases as much as the next person, but there’s something about Paul & Joe Beaute makeup and cosmetics cases and packaging that stand out to help you protect your makeup with style.

Why use a clunky makeup bag when you can buy individual compact cases for the few makeup items you use on a daily basis?

Check out these awesome protective cases that will not only keep your makeup intact and last longer, but are beautiful pieces on their own:

Paul & Joe Beauté’s Gel-Foundation Case:

Foundation has a way of getting all over your purse when you toss it in without care — which is why Paul & Joe’s Gel-Foundation Case is ideal.

Just stick your foundation into this blush pink case and you’ll protect it from getting squished or getting all over your purse.  A helpful hint? This case will fit Paul & Joe Beauté’s Gel-Foundation Refill perfectly and keep it secure.

Store Your Makeup with Style

Paul & Joe Beauté’s Setting Powder Case:

Keep your powder as protected as your foundation. This case for your setting powder is perfect for keeping things compact and has stunning details. Plus, look at that color!

Save room in your purse by using individual, smaller protective cases like this one instead of a chunky makeup bag.

Store Your Makeup with Style

Paul & Joe Beauté’s Setting Powder Case + Puff:

Paul & Joe Beauté offers not one, but multiple cases to store your setting powder. This particular one even comes with a soft puff and mirror for easy application when you’re on the go.

Store your powder in style — there’s no other way to do it! The case’s decorative design is nothing short of stunning. Protect your makeup to keep it in one piece. Guaranteed, you’ll never lose (or destroy) a makeup product in your purse again.

Store Your Makeup with Style

Paul & Joe Beauté’s Cosmetic Pouch (Limited Edition):

Overnight trips don’t need to mean putting your daily makeup in a ratty makeup case or worse — a plastic Ziploc bag. Paul & Joe Beauté’s cosmetic pouch boasts a quirky design and more than enough room to store your makeup essentials. It’s travel-sized, which makes it perfect for when you’re on-the-go.

The case includes pocket lining, a holder that will fit two brushes, and ample space for the rest of your essentials!

Store Your Makeup with Style

Paul & Joe Beauté’s Lipstick Case CS (Limited Edition):

What’s not to love about these quirky lipstick cases? Say goodbye to losing lipstick caps in your purse and getting markings all over your bag’s contents. These limited-edition cases are adorable, chic and will keep your lipstick together.

Plus, these cases make it easy to toss your lipstick in your bag without being concerned about what may be revealed when you need to reapply hours later. No one likes a wallet covered in lipstick markings — or a half-broken lipstick either for that matter.

These cases will ensure that none of your makeup gets destroyed — or cover the bottom of your bag — again.

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