Altering the Experience: 5 Ways to Consume CBD and the Main Reasons to Give It a Shot

Altering the Experience: 5 Ways to Consume CBD and the Main Reasons to Give It a Shot

You don’t need to be an experienced user to recognize the benefits of CBD. CBD oil now has a reputation for being great for personal or professional use. You can use it to relieve muscles, lower anxiety or even lessen the chance of having seizures. There are multiple new discoveries each year that comes from the extensive research done these different types of CBD. There are five ways you can consume CBD to gain its benefits. Each method has its own pros, so how it is enjoyed is entirely up to the user.

5. Capsules And Pills

Beginners should consider taking CBD using capsules and pills. Ingesting it orally is a good start for users that have never used vaping materials. It also cuts down on costs associated with vaping and is one of the most user-friendly ways to get CBD benefits without reading an instruction manual. Think of it as no different than taking over the counter vitamins. Pop it in your mouth with the beverage of your choice and then go about normal daily activities. Using capsules and pills gives you a better sense of dosage, with no manual measurements needed. They are a tasteless option that won’t activate gag reflux from bad taste. The taste of CBD oil isn’t bad, but it is nice to have an option to avoid the taste factor altogether.

4. Completely Natural

If tasting CBD isn’t an issue, consider putting the oil in food or drinks. Chances are you won’t even taste the difference. Popular food choices are ones that are very acidic. The overall flavor will prevent any of the taste of CBD from being noticed. Italian food is perfect for this, or anything with a thick and savory sauce. For liquid, try any type of smoothie or any carbonated drink. Even something light like a Mountain Dew will mask the flavor of CBD. The only downside to using the natural method is that it is one of the slowest ways to absorb the chemical. CBD will take longer to go into effect since it is being absorbed by the digestive tract. The natural way takes about an hour or two to kick in but will last a long time once active.

3. Rub It In

CBD is available as a topical application in the original oil form or as a cream. There are distinct differences between the two although they accomplish the same thing. The oil absorbs faster but may be slightly irritating to the skin. This is something that users with sensitive skin may want to avoid. If the area you want to apply it too has a lot of hair, the oil can be annoying. That is where the cream comes in and is a good choice. It has all of the upsides of the oil without any of the downsides. Slight con is that you have to let it sit for a bit before washing the area it was applied to. CBD cream absorbs slightly slower than oil when applied directly to the skin.

2. Inhale It

This is one of the best ways to use CBD but requires the right equipment. It is also a method that requires some experience with vaping equipment and accessories. New users will find the combo of CBD and vaping equipment to require some above average research. You can’t just decide to vape with CBD one day and have it all figured out within a couple of hours. Compatible equipment is required if CBD oil is going to be used since not all vaporizers can handle its consistency. Once you get set up with the required information, CBD can be purchased as an e-juice. From that point forward you can just slip it into the vaporizer when ready to use. No further configuration is required since the entire setup is plug and play.

1. Sublingual

This last method is a little different from the others mentioned. It involves taking CBD orally but there is a slight twist. The user puts the oil under their tongue instead of on their food or in drinks. This method has two main effects; it completely bypasses the digestive tract so that the effects of CBD happen faster. The second effect is that sublingual methods of CBD can also be used as normal oral methods. Drops, sprays, pastes and even tinctures are all useful with this method or through normal oral means. By switching it up between the two, you can decide if you want to feel CBD effects sooner or later. This way users have full control over the way CBD oil is consumed.

Benefits of CBD

CBD oil is a worthy alternative to cannabis. The chemical comes from marijuana but does not have any traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol. That means the sensation of getting high is absent from CBD, along with any psychoactive effects. This leads to a cannabis alternative that has all of the medical offering’s users want without any of the bad side effects. CBD oil is used to relieve pain from sour muscles and joints. Chronic pain can be alleviated using CBD in its many different forms. Depending on the method, pain relief can happen in a few minutes or a few hours. Physical pain is not the only thing it helps with, as anxiety is on the long list of disorders that CBD alleviates. With the strong physical and mental benefits of CBD, chronic health problems can be managed. CBD is still an evolving chemical that the industry is trying to study. With enough time to study, it has a favorable future in the medical industry.

Wrap Up

No matter which way you decide to consume CBD, the benefits will always be favorable. The world of CBD oil is massive, with lots of resources to back up the information. Get the most out of what you can learn by being curious about CBD. In more than one way, it can create a huge change in your life.

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