Can You Afford Rehab? Options and Tips for Beginning Recovery

Can You Afford Rehab? Options and Tips for Beginning Recovery

So, you have finally made that ever-important decision to finally get some help by enrolling yourself in a high-end rehabilitation program to change your life for the better-forever. Great for making that brave first step! Your efforts will not die in vain and stay appreciated since you are making the right choices to get help today!

One of the first steps toward making success a reality is investing the proper amount of money for getting cleaned. Nothing moves unless money behind it. Even the best efforts require funds and you might be wondering how to pay for it all? Ask yourself this important question. Can you afford rehab? The answer will depend on how much money you have coming in daily. If you say that you do not have enough money, think about the amount of cash that you spend on narcotics. They are not cheap. This same money could go towards treatment.

Below are the most popular payment methods accepted by most rehab facilities:


Using your primary insurance care plan is the best way to pay for rehab services because you do not need to dig in your pockets for the money. These insurance companies charge a monthly premium that you religiously pay for a reason, and it’s time to put those policies to work. If you are unsure if a certain program accepts your specific insurance policy, you can always contact the facility just to be sure.

Cash Payments

Yes, cash rules! And making cash payments to a rehab healthcare facility is acceptable as well. It is the most direct, non-debt way to pay for instant treatment. Once the cash payments are cleared-usually instantly, the rehabilitation begins.

Debit & Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards, including prepaid ones, are also accepted payments for rehab services. So, the moment your funds are transferred to your bank account, you can go to the facility and swipe your card.

Payment Plans Available

Get help today! Most rehab programs will work with you to facilitate payment. They understand that you need to get help as soon as possible and will do everything in their power to help you reach those goals. Just make sure to have all the payment plan details in writing before leaving the facility.

Moreover, it’s important to know that you will need to pay the majority of the fees up front-no matter which payment method you use. So, if you are short on funds do not worry about it. As long as the major services are covered, then treatment care can resume.

Most legitimate rehab services cost between $12,000 to $30,000. The price includes getting access to a high-quality healthcare facility with doctors and nurses on hand helping ease the detox process, which could be uncomfortable and scary at times. Other factors include the diagnosis, length of stay (30-days or more), and the services that you want and need.

There Are Many Rehabilitation Options Available Around the USA

Inpatient or outpatient professional rehab services are the way to go. Alcohol and drug treatment can save your life. Paying for rehabilitation services will give you the right care from professionals who care. Finally live a sober life. Detox under the best conditions.

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