An asset for the individuals who need to find out about ADHD, Learning disabilities and related subject

An asset for the individuals who need to find out about ADHD, Learning disabilities and related subject

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, that stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Learning Disabilities are neurologically-based processing problems, that cause interference with learning basic skills of a child such as reading or writing and even solving mathematical problems.

Learning disabilities are not only restricted to academic life but can also greatly impact the social life of an individual.

Many people think that ADHD and learning disabilities run parallel but, it’s not entirely true or completely wrong.

It happens in some cases that ADHD and learning disabilities co-exist, such that the children with ADHD are prone to learning disabilities as compared to children without ADHD.

Medium between ADHD and Learning Disabilities- Executive Function

Executive function is the ability of the brain to focus on something and pay attention by using working memory. Basically, it is the capability of the brain, that helps an individual in the learning process.


When a person has ADHD, it affects the executive function of the brain which in turn becomes a hurdle for that person to learn or to focus.

Executive function is also associated with helping an individual in making long-term decisions. A person without ADHD makes life-long plans by analyzing the consequences while a person with ADHD is unable to evaluate the outcomes of decisions. Hence, finds it hard to make long-term plans.


kids with ADHD have a hard time doing school work.


these symptoms can be an integral part of learning disabilities but this impairment cannot be diagnosed as a particular disorder. People with ADHD and learning disabilities have the broad impairment of executive functions along with impairment of the critical skills that are required for learning and solving math problems.

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Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Children with learning disabilities have a hard time reading what’s in front of them. These difficulties and problems eventually spread out in their personal lives as well. They affect family relationships and work life.

All in all,

It damages the self-esteem of a child.

People who have co-existing learning disabilities and ADHD have certain other signs.

For instance,

the individual is unable to sit at one place for a long time and has trouble while concentrating. The behavior of the individual with disorders differs greatly from the ideal behavior of students at school.

This develops a sense of isolation in the kids when they see their friends doing what they are unable to do. It affects the mental health of the kids; this is why they should be monitored carefully.

Diagnosis of ADHD and Learning Disabilities

It is a challenge to diagnose when a person has two disorders.

Here’s why,

usually, when a person has more than one condition, the primary condition masks the symptoms of the secondary condition.

For instance,

Children with ADHD only will be easier to diagnose than children with both i.e. ADHD and learning disabilities. This is because the signs of ADHD are similar to that of learning disabilities but only a specialist can truly tell the difference.

There is not a specific checklist of the signs and symptoms, that can be ticked while diagnosing an individual. These signs vary from person and person, along with severities of these disorders.

ADHD and learning disabilities are genetic components which means that they can be inherited from the parents.

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The best help for children comes from home. A great way to cope with the effects of ADHD and learning disabilities is to learn more about them so that the parents can help their children.

Treatment of ADHD and Learning Disabilities

There are different specialists and qualified doctors that can diagnose the symptoms of ADHD and learning disabilities.

Following are the individuals that can diagnose both ADHD and learning disabilities;

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist

When it comes to co-existing ADHD and learning disabilities in a person. It is important to treat both disorders.

Patient having treatment of ADHD will continue to suffer from learning disabilities until and unless it is treated along with ADHD and the same can be said about a patient only being treated for learning disabilities.


ADHD and learning disabilities cannot be completely cured but their effects can be reduced to minimal with proper medication and care.

It is permissible to say that if your child has ADHD and learning disabilities, a great tool that you can acquire apart from medication is knowledge. The more you know about disorders, the better you will be able to handle them.

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Every child is special and needs to feel valued.

So, it is important that children suffering from ADHD and learning disabilities should be dealt with great care and proper medication.

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