Healthy Travel Destinations That Will Change Your Life

Healthy Travel Destinations That Will Change Your Life

Usually, we observe traveling as the activity of leisure and a way to meet different cultures. Visiting museums, galleries and festivals is a primary reason to travel for most people. Additionally, when the holiday season begins, you will often find people booking destinations with sun, sea and peaceful ambiance.

All these reasons to travel have one thing in common – they are intended to for stress relief and escape the chaos of everyday life. However, an active holiday is another way to deal with stress since it affects the hormones in your body, like lowering cortisol levels responsible for anxiety and tension. So, choose one of the healthy travel destinations and pair it with your favorite activity and you will get a combination that will change your life.

1. Best cycling destinations

Cycling is an ideal sport for people who want to go outside and enjoy wonderful landscapes while still being physically active. And the health benefits from cycling are numerous, from increasing muscle strength to decreasing body fat levels. So next time you plan a vacation, consider destinations like France and a 42-mile ride from the small southern village of Génolhac to bridge of Pont-d’Arc. You will pass through towns of Bessèges and Barjac, by castles, lavender fields and finish the ride by the river.

Danube Bike Path is a famous cycling destination in Austria and it may take a few days to finish, but you will see gorgeous landscapes like and try delicious food and beer. On the other hand, Medellín in Columbia offers some serious cycling experience being that it’s 5,000 feet above sea level and you have to ascent. But you will pass by coffee farms, cool brooks and lush gardens both on your way up and down, so they will be an ideal distraction to forget the challenging ride.

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2. Best yoga destinations

While you can practice yoga basically anywhere, it’s best if you pair it with some healthy travel destinations for the ultimate recharge of body and soul. One of the first yoga destinations should definitely be the place where it was born and that is India. Goa and Kerala are the most popular regions to practice yoga with former having more than 100 studios offering various lessons and meditation techniques.

Of course, yoga is a highly popular activity and you will find retreats all over the world like 60-acre Silver Island in Greece. Besides yoga, you will be able to go sightseeing of the island, eat Mediterranean food and drink local wines while being surrounded by 2,500 olive trees. On the other hand, Scotland offers a different yoga experience near Loch Awe where you can walk in the lavish green hills and fresh air after classes. The retreat there also offers sauna, spa, hot tub and an amazing view over the forests and waterfalls so you will really escape the urban rush and relax.

3. Best hiking destinations

More and more people decide to go on an active holiday and spend their free time hiking the landscapes for a couple of hours to days. Australia has been among the favorite destinations for hikers for a while due to its diverse ecosystems and different terrains. Here, you can join guided walks in Tasmania, go solo or try some of the multi-day tracks like Larapinta Trail and Cape to Cape Track.

The Dolomites in Italy are also one of the most favorite destinations for hiking since it will take you up in the mountains and expose you to out of this world views. Puez-Odle Altopiano here may be a short walk lasting 6 to 8 hours, but you will have to do a lot of climbing to reach one of the highest peaks which are a rewarding experience by itself. Of course, Great Wall of China should also be on your checklist with its potholes and steep section you will have to pass on this 5-hour walk while surrounded by the astounding mountainside.

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4. Best skiing destination

People usually see skiing as a fun activity to do in the winter, but actually, it has wonderful health benefits and can significantly improve your health. And since this is a really popular winter sport, you can choose among numerous resorts all over the world. One of the most popular healthy travel destinations in Japan with its perfect snow and hot springs all over the mountainsides like at the Myogo Kogen resort. Nagano is a perfect destination to ski and gets to know nature like Jigokudani Monkey Park or go to the annual snow festival.

Skiing in Aspen in the USA state of Colorado is a tradition for Americans and tourists since it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time in the legendary Rockies. But if you are looking for something more picturesque, then St. Moritz in Switzerland is an ideal destination to combine skiing and sightseeing. This glamorous town resort offers something for everyone and even those craving social activities won’t be disappointed.

In the end

Once you decide which activity is best suited for you, it will be easy to choose among the healthy travel destinations. There are incredible places all over the world waiting for you to discover them on your journey to a healthier life.

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