Setting an Example: Which 5 Countries Have the Best Healthcare System in the Entire World?

Setting an Example: Which 5 Countries Have the Best Healthcare System in the Entire World?

Unsurprisingly, countries with the best healthcare systems in the world also score high in the prosperity index. Most ranking metrics show that the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Australia have the best healthcare systems, in terms of affordability and availability.

#1: The UK Healthcare System

Healthcare in the UK is provided by the British government, though it is funded by all taxpayers. Appointments and medical treatments are free for everyone paying taxes, including most prescription drugs. The main health care system is referred to as the National Health Care service (NHS) and has remained a socialist health system, copied by many other countries. You can check for more information on this.

#2: The Switzerland Health care system

Health care is Universal in Switzerland and it is regulated by the Swiss government under the law. Though there is no free-state health coverage, private health insurance is mandatory for everyone residing in the country. This private health insurance must be taken not later than 3 months of gaining residency or birth.

#3: The Swedish Health Care System

The Swedish health care system is similar to the UK system in many ways in that it is funded by the government and also de-centralized. Though, the private healthcare system also exists for those who can afford it. The Swedish health care system is primarily funded through the taxes collected by the county and municipal councils, thus making it one of the most affordable healthcare systems in the world.

#4: Germany Health Care System

The German healthcare system is one of the best in the world. It is obligatory for everyone to be insured while living, whether you are a student, visitor, or retiree. The German system is a dual system of compulsory insurance plus private insurance. The compulsory health insurance system is more like a welfare state where every German is taxed based on income group and everyone is covered for basic and advance healthcare treatment.

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#5: Australian Health care system

The government of Australia has subsidized health care delivery in the country for everyone. The country operates a Medicare universal health insurance scheme which imposes certain levy that is administered through a tax system. All citizens and permanent residents in Australia are expected to pay the Medicare tax levy. Though health care costs are relatively higher in Australia than in other countries on this list, it is still affordable for citizens and permanent residents.

In conclusion, other countries worth mentioning for having some of the best health care insurance systems in the world are; Denmark, Norway, Singapore, France, and the Netherlands. Though the United States is ranked as 11th best because of waiting times, and several administrative lapses. It is also important to note that the countries on the top of the best health care system lists are equally on the top of the prosperity index. The countries taxing their citizens the most tend to provide the most affordable health care systems in the world.

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