Vapes for Cannabis & CBD

Vapes for Cannabis & CBD

In the cannabis industry, there are many new products that are consistently coming out. Although vaporizers are not new in the grand scheme of things, new aged vape pens are improved and updated. Vaping goes back to thousands of years ago when people would heat up rocks and place ground up herbs on them. They placed the rocks indoors and bask in the vapor of cannabis like a sauna.

Since the introduction of modern day vapes, they have only improved from what the first versions were. Now the heating method is different and more efficient, the batteries last longer and the devices fit in your pocket. Vapes are now used to vaporize just about any material that comes in a dry herb, wax, concentrate or oil form, including CBD.

What is CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the more than a hundred active ingredients that come from cannabis. It’s been almost a hundred years since CBD was first found and extracted from the plant. Over the next couple of decades, scientists and researchers found different benefits that this natural compound delivered to humans. Fast forward to today and it is being used to help with inflammation, arthritis, pain and so much more. The FDA even came out with a CBD medicine called Epidiolex that is created for specific seizure patients.

One of the most versatile parts about this is the plethora of ways you can consume it. You can get it in gummies, CBD vape oil, in the dry flower form, tinctures, lotions and so much more. How your body metabolizes will be different but the overall effects should be the same, depending on potency.

With the rise in vaporizers and CBD, both of these have gone hand in hand. Many companies are selling the vape juice liquid in a bottle while others are selling them pre-filled in a cartridge like the Delta 8 THC cartridges. They both work well and they both come with instructions on how to dose it. Dosage is usually calculated by the amount of liquid divided by the amount of puffs for the cartridges.

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The benefits of CBD are very vast. There are many reasons why people take them and even though the government hasn’t said it can treat anything except seizures. There are many


Arthritis is a serious and debilitating disease that can prevent you from doing a lot of daily tasks. Something as simple as writing or eating with a utensil can hurt your joints. CBD gives you relief from inflammation which calms your joints.


Insomnia is one of the most underrated illnesses that a lot of people have. Everyone glamorizes the non-stop working lifestyle while other people just can’t sleep when they want too. CBD can help the body mellow out and your mind chill out. This helps you go to bed and wind down easier.


Psoriasis is a serious condition many people get. Although there is no definitive cause for it, it gives you ugly scaly red patches of skin that causes irritation and itching.

Is it Safe?

CBD is relatively safe and non-psychoactive. That means unlike its closely related cannabinoids, THC, it will not get you high or make you feel funny. CBD consumption will still keep you sober but generally more relaxed. Although there are doses you can take, there isn’t a big caution on overdosing. Depending on the type of product you use, there will be a dosage market on the label.

Even though they have had a bad rap, vapes are not harmful. If used correctly, it can be better because you’re not burning anything or inhaling carbon.

How Can You Vape It

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Vaping can be a great way to administer the active ingredient into your bloodstream. Smoking and vaping are the quickest ways to get the effect of what you’re consuming. This is because the lungs absorb the smoke/vapor quicker than any other way.

Vape Oil

There are many types of vape oils you can use for Cannabidiol. Have you ever seen someone using an electronic cigarette mod where they open the top mouthpiece and pour the liquid oil in? You can get CBD vape oil with your regular e-cig.

You can also get your CBD in pre-filled cartridges. These are the better way to go but if you vape them often, it will cost a bit more over time. These will be easier to dose usually because it will give the amount of puffs per cartridge and the total amount of CBD it has. You can divide the amount of puffs by the total CBD it contains. This will give you the potency per puff.

Dry Herb

One of the least common known vapes are dry herb vaporizers which are generally used for dry herb flowers like cannabis. These are super easy to use and doesn’t require any oils or wax. Simply grind up your herbs and fill them up in the herbal chamber. You are given the option to change the temperature. Depending on the herbs you use, you will want to appropriately adjust it.

Vaping your dry herbs with one of these devices is the most efficient because it gives the raw vapor. This means you get the unadulterated taste.

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