4 Ways CBD is Taking Over

4 Ways CBD is Taking Over

CBD is on its way to being a household medicine cabinet essential. It has been reported as a cure-all for many things. What is all the hype about? Here are a few reasons why you’re seeing CBD everywhere.

It’s becoming a popular mental health supplement

More people are showing interest in using CBD as a natural substitute or supplement for traditional mental health treatments like medication. CBD contains cannabinoids, which are released in the brain during sleep and exercise, according to multiple studies. These findings are what have caused an increase in CBD being used for mental health relief. It has been reported to help with some symptoms of anxiety and depression. You can discuss CBD with your doctor to learn more about its benefits.

It is being studied as an alternative to pain medication and cancer treatment

CBD reportedly eliminates pain for some users. It is slowly taking over the market as a competitor to addictive pain medications. Traditional pain medications can be extremely addictive, and CBD offers a potential solution. Many people see CBD as a safer alternative for treating pain. Some cancer patients have used it as pain relief when going through chemotherapy because it can help eliminate nausea. There are lotions for those experiencing chronic pain that can be applied anywhere for some relief. Just be sure to speak with your doctor before trying CBD for any medical reason.

CBD is being widely discussed in the cancer field for more than just pain relief. CBD has reduced the growth of cancer cells during animal testing, and CBD is being considered in cancer research for this reason. While plenty more research is still needed, some patients are opting for CBD instead of alternative pain medications.

It’s showing up in all kinds of beauty products

There are now many CBD-infused facial oils and lotions on the market. CBD helps moisturize and contains vitamin E, which is good for the skin. Vitamin E is good for skin protection, which is why some health gurus are obsessing over CBD. It also has properties that can potentially cure acne. If you want to try CBD for skin care, start with something mild and speak with your dermatologist before. Look for a CBDistillery coupon to purchase some oil for your beauty products.

CBD is not only good for skin, but hair, as well. It is popping up in hair products because it supposedly stimulates hair growth. CBD is regenerative for the skin, as well as the scalp, and promotes strong, healthy, dandruff-free hair.

CBD lattes are rising in popularity

The theory behind CBD lattes is that you will get the energy of caffeine, but avoid the nervous buzz that comes along with it. Like anything with CBD, it’s hard to tell how potent this effect is just yet. Even so, this trend is gaining popularity in city coffee shops around the country. There are some coffee brands offering CBD-infused cold brews for sale at grocery stores, as well as in their cafes. Google coffee shops near you selling CBD lattes to try one for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

As we learn more about CBD, it seems to be useful in many cases. It isn’t an entire cure-all and doesn’t work for everyone, but it is worth a shot in many situations. Check with your doctor and see if any CBD benefits could make it worth a shot for you.

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