Healthy Nutrients Found in a Cheesesteak

Healthy Nutrients Found in a Cheesesteak

The cheesesteak is one of the most popular sandwiches in the US; the affordability of the sandwiches and the supreme taste they offer makes them popular among locals and visitors alike.

The Philly cheesesteak has the right ingredients to satisfy the taste requirements of all. Additionally, to top it off they have the right mix of two of the most favorite food items for us Americans: Cheese, and Steak.

Strips of beefsteak layered with melted cheese sandwiched between a hoagie roll; the Philly cheesesteak forms a sublime image of the great American fast-food dream. The ingredients of a cheesesteak sandwich can vary, offering much variety for the user. You can read more here to find out about the ranges available.

Its excellent taste withstanding, many people question the health standards of the cheesesteak sandwich. Like all other products, this is an excellent question to ask regarding a cheesesteak sandwich.

To the surprise of many, the cheesesteak sandwich in addition to being good for your taste buds can also be a healthy diet. The nutritional element adds to the value of the sandwich because, unlike many other fast food options, the sandwich is good for health too.

To help you understand the nutritional value of the cheesesteak sandwiches, we have compiled a list of elements found in abundance in the cheese steak sandwich.

Vitamin and Minerals

A cheesesteak hoagie can have vitamin and minerals in them too, depending on the ingredients used in preparing one. The higher the number of vegetables in a cheesesteak hoagie, the better it is for your health. High vegetable content increases the supply of vitamins and minerals in our body.

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A plain 6-inch cheesesteak hoagie contains up to 15% and 25% of vitamins A and C and minerals Calcium and Iron respectively.


We all are aware of the significance of Carbohydrates; the nutrient is a constant provider of energy to our bodies and is essential for keeping us healthy and fit.

A 6-inch Philly Cheesesteak contains 54 gram of carbohydrates contributing 81% to our daily carbohydrate needs.

In addition to containing a significant proportion of carbohydrates, cheese steaks also provide a form of non-digestible carbohydrate called fiber. Consuming the right quantity of fiber reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in a person.

Calories and Fats

A cheesesteak hoagie contains 18g of fat and 9 gram of saturated fat. Fats are the primary source of calories in a body. According to experts, people consume 20-35% of calories from fats. A 6-inch calorie contains a caloric content of about 520.

Balancing the intake of calories, however, is necessary for all consumers.

Excess of anything is always dangerous. Similarly, too many calories and fats can hurt the body. Balancing the intake of the calories and fats is necessary for maintaining a healthy diet.


Our bodies need a regular intake of proteins for the formation and rebuilding of new cellular tissue. The amount of protein intake is directly dependent upon the intake of calories in our bodies. To sustain the calories, it is essential that we have the right amount of proteins. According to experts, you need a regular protein intake of 10-35% of your calorie intake.

Therefore, studying the energy sources a cheesesteak sandwich has, we have realized that its taste is not the only thing that pleases us. The rich content that a cheesesteak has makes it stand out from the rest of the sandwiches.

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