Cannabidiol (CBD) How Can It Treat Illness?

Cannabidiol (CBD) How Can It Treat Illness?

In recent years the buzz surrounding cannabidiol (CBD) can’t be denied, and with broad legalization in America, doctors and patients are utilizing it to treat different types of illnesses. In 2019, 32 states have legalized marijuana, medically, or recreationally, fueling diverse, and in-depth scientific studies. Some of these studies are being conducted by government agencies like the FDA, while others are being done in doctors’ offices, treating patients. The overwhelming consensus is that cannabidiol (CBD) works to treat symptoms from illness, and injuries, with little risk of addiction, or overdosing.

Let’s dive deeper into CBD oil to see what it is, and where it comes from. Plus, how it works to effectively treat conditions that typically take much stronger medications to treat.

What is CBD Oil?

Getting straight to the point, cannabinoids are the biologic compounds that are found in marijuana hemp-plants. Hemp is the sister to marijuana; however, it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the part that makes you feel high and euphoric. There are more than 400 known cannabinoids found in cannabis sativa like CBDA, THC, THCA, THCG, CBD, CBDG, CBDB, just to name a few.

Over-time, research shows us that CBD is especially useful and provides positive health effects without any intoxication. Being that CBD doesn’t get you high, the exposure for overdosing is slim to none. Therefore, it’s become a popular replacement medication for more addictive anxiety, and pain medications, for instance.

How Does CBD Oil Work in the Body?

When you take CBD oil it metabolizes and the molecules travel through the bloodstream into the endocannabinoid system, which already exists in each person alive. There it interacts with CB1 And CB2 receptors which influence cells and systems responsible for many body functions. Cannabinoids (CBD) affects things like sleep, hunger, breathing, healing, seizures, sight, touch, and many others are influenced by CBDs.

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Through these interactions, the endocannabinoid system communicates better with the entire body, which in turn, receives the messages more efficiently, and then provides optimal performance for the entire body.

CBD for Pain

A major advancement in pain care management is now available in 32 states across the country. State approved medical marijuana doctors, can provide cannabis-based treatments plans, for qualified patients specific needs. Like in most other states, Florida dispensaries carry specifically designed CBD oil blends for pain relief.

Using the correct CBD oil dosage for pain management is growing in popularity among people who want to get off addictive, opioid-based medications typically prescribed/used for pain.

A 5-year study on CBD oil showed that it could help people addicted to opioids, face the dreaded “withdrawals” which is the absolute number one reason for relapse.

Moreover, certified pain doctors can provide alternative pain medication to their patients where legal. This has been welcomed with open arms in parts of the country like Florida, which was ravaged by prescription opioid abuse for the past decade.

Plus, national laws enacted in 2016, strictly limit the amount of opioid pain medication, that any doctor can prescribe to a patient.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

More advancements are being made, using CBD oil in Florida, to manage anxiety in 2019. The way CBD oil works to level and harmonize the bodies systems, naturally, is especially important with respect to controlling anxiety.

Really, it’s not controlling anxiety, on the contrary, CBD oil can help the cause of the anxiety, which leaves you free from symptoms.

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Patients report that using THC in combination with CBD can have the best results. When someone feels anxiety, starting with THC marijuana can relieve the immediate symptoms, while CBD can reduce the intensity and duration of anxiety over-time.


There have been some major advances in patient care across the country, and around the world, using CBD oil to treat many things. More research is needed, and being done, to unlike more uses, and explore any side-effects we don’t yet know about.

Even though CBD is considered safe, it’s highly recommended that you speak with a board-certified medical marijuana doctor, experienced using CBD oil before starting any dietary supplement.

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