5 of the Most Amazing Benefits of Preventive Health Care

5 of the Most Amazing Benefits of Preventive Health Care

In the last few years, preventive health care has been gaining popularity with most people starting to care about what they eat and drink. Unfortunately, a good number of people still do not take good care of their health when they are healthy. Some people wait until they are sick to start looking for solutions to their life. For example, instead of reducing sugar intake when they are healthy, most people will only consider reducing that if they are being diagnosed with a certain disease.

Most of the death-causing diseases are preventable. It is estimated that chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity cause more than half of all deaths. The sad thing about the fact is that these diseases can be prevented or treated early enough before they become dangerous. It is also worth noting that the treatment of these diseases can be very expensive.

Why is preventive care important?

Reduced health care costs

Treating a disease is more expensive than preventing. According to some Internal medicine experts, preventive care protects against health emergencies by nipping the disease in the bud before they become tragic. Preventive care involves immunizations, contraception, screenings, and allergy medications. The purpose of preventive care is to help people stay healthy. Preventive care helps to lower health costs by preventing diseases or making sure we treat them before they require emergency room care.

Early diagnosis and treatment

Preventive care involves regular visits to a doctor for screening. The good thing about regular visits to a doctor is that diseases are noticed at the earliest time possible. When discovered early, they can treat some chronic diseases like cancer. They diagnose most of these diseases with stages. Stage one is easy to treat.

Reduced death rate

Since chronic diseases cause more than half of disease-related deaths, preventive care can reduce likely deaths. Cancer is one of the diseases that have higher rates of death compared to those who get well. If diagnosed in the late stages, the rate of survival is minimal. Fortunately, despite its high rates of death, cancer has very low chances of death if it is diagnosed and treated early.

Eradication of diseases

Some diseases like polio have devastating effects on health. Some effects of these diseases are not reversible. Polio causes permanent disability, but the good thing about polio is that some countries have managed to eradicate polio through preventative care. Other diseases like HIV and tuberculosis can also be eliminated or reduced through preventive care. Some of these diseases are not treatable, so you may not have any other option other than to practice preventive care.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Although a company may have to incur an initial cost in implementing preventive solutions in the workplace, the benefits are worth the investment. Giving every employee quality protective gear in the workplace helps to ensure that work continues uninterrupted. If one or two employees get sick, it would be more costly to hire and train a new employee. Furthermore, if two employees are on sick leave, it will affect productivity in the workplace. Besides reduced productivity, the company may have to pay for hospital bills and compensation.


Nobody wants to be sick. Even diseases that are not chronic can make you spend a few days on the bed with serious symptoms. Thankfully, you can reduce your chances of falling sick with preventative care under the guidance of an expert, but make sure before consulting to one, you should read medical provider reviews to choose a good expert with experience. Good preventive care is a holistic process that involves what you eat, your lifestyle, and medical attention. Being active reduces your chances of suffering conditions like obesity while the right diet plays a role in your immunity. Studies have shown that people who lead a healthy lifestyle are happier and live longer.

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