The Ultimate Bathroom Solution for Seniors: Guide for Good Skin Care

The Ultimate Bathroom Solution for Seniors: Guide for Good Skin Care

In terms of metabolism, hardly anything functions properly once we reach a certain age. Even the simplest of chores like going to the bathroom become painful to the point that we cannot perform them on our own. People in retirement homes often need assistance from the medical staff to go to the bathroom which can be embarrassing for many of them. The shame they feel only increases if their loved ones, like sons and daughters, have to be the ones carrying them inside the bathroom.

Well, the problem might not be their old age but improper sanitary facilities. In other words, modern bathrooms in Western countries are equipped with toilet bowls that take little care of the needs and impediment of seniors. The people in the Far East are not hit as hard by this problem because they widely use a neat little contraception called a bidet. Unjustifiably ridden with toilet stigma in the West, the bidet is actually the ultimate bathroom solution for seniors!

Increased mobility

Old people have difficulties walking so you will often see them sing a can, crutches or even a wheelchair. If climbing the stairs is problematic, then just imagine what sort of maneuvering is necessary to stand up and wipe after using the toilet. Because seniors cannot support their body weight, they are more likely to fall and injure themselves. The last thing they need is to hit hard the sink of the cold bathroom floor tiles.

A bidet has the advantage of not using toilet paper so apart from having the environment it saves the trouble of wiping. Namely, while on a bidet, you can get all the work done by sitting down without the need to rotate your torso too much. This especially comes in handy for those people who have suffered a hip injury and find it hard to rotate their body. A bidet requires you to use only one hand to successfully wipe your private parts.

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The sense of independence

You would be surprised by how much the aforementioned reliance on other people can affect a senior’s mental health. They are often pestered by illnesses like Alzheimer’s, so being dependent on others for help can have a devastating effect on their self-esteem. In fact, the suicide rate among the elderly is exceptionally high all across the globe, Australia included. With a bidet installed in the bathroom, seniors no longer have to ask for assistance every time they have to go to the loo, which in terms boosts their confidence levels. In the long run, such positivity has the potential to combat and deter many mental illnesses.

Handling hemorrhoids

Since constipation is a common problem among seniors, hemorrhoids are a constant pestilence. The problem is further aggravated by skin diseases that irritate and inflame the skin. The toilet paper in the use today can be quite rough so it just adds to the problem. The best solution is to do away with wiping altogether and this is where the bidet comes into play.

Since it uses water to rinse the bowl and a person’s bottom, this means that only a soothing jet of warm water comes into contact with the skin. Over time, hemorrhoids and other injuries to the surface of the skin heal as there is nothing to irritate them further. The installation of a bathroom bidet results in a severe easing of a possible hemorrhoids issue caused by incontinence. In fact, even pregnant women and women who have just given birth use it for the same reason.

The issue of thin skin

Battered by numerous illnesses and further harmed by rough toilet paper, a senior’s skin actually makes the skin thinner. Once we add the inability of the skin follicles to regenerate themselves you get the perfect recipe for sore spots and cuts. Since the jet of water inside the bidet acts as sort of a lubricant between a person’s bottom and their hand, the friction is decreased and the skin is saved from further damage. In addition, it takes fewer wipes to clean the entire intimate area than it would take using toilet paper.

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A bath as well

Apart from being used as a means of cleaning after a number 1 and 2, a bidet can serve lavatory purposes as well. In order to avoid the pain of washing their private area, seniors can simply take a seat on a bidet and let the water run. This will help them maintain their hygiene and bath without having to step unto bathtub which is a perilous task at their age. Even a step-in shower is not a guarantee that they won’t injure themselves.

The little things

It might seem trivial but seniors will actually benefit from upgrading the bidet. Yes, they find the basic version boring after a while so you can always upgrade it. There are awesome-looking LED lights that can illuminate not only the inside of the bowl but the entire bathroom. Of course, seniors are not in need of a light show but they can benefit from increased visibility because a large number of them wear prescription glasses.

What is more, a bidet is easy to install and it comes in a travel-friendly form so it can be attached to different toilet bowls. There are even bidets that come with seat warmer which will prove ideal for people who have poor blood circulation. During the winter months, the bidet will serve as a lifeline for keeping their legs up and running (not literally, mind you).

All in all, a bidet is a wondrous toilet addition that helps the young and the old. It is predominantly used by people who have skin issues bit more and more people are turning to bidets for comfort. However, for the senior population, a bidet is more of a necessity, as it helps them get rid of hemorrhoids caused by bad skin. They can also use the bidet for bathing, decreasing the risk of falling and injuring themselves due to decreased mobility and back problems.

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