Explore the most amazing natural wonders of New Zealand

Explore the most amazing natural wonders of New Zealand

There isn’t a single another country on the whole planet that can top up the mesmerizing New Zealand’s nature. This captivating country is home to surreal beauty, strenuous mountains, coastal glaciers, sparking covers, jaw-dropping fjords, rainforests, and untamed flora and fauna. The unique geographically diverse landscapes between the South and North island make it a must-see country on your bucket list. Everywhere you look is like a postcard, and exploring the whole country will seem like being on a dream vacation. It is hard to write down all the magnificent wonders the country has to offer, but here are some of the most astonishing ones.

  • Milford Sound

Starting off with one of the true wonders of the world located in the Fiordland National Park in South Island. This World Heritage Site is home to renowned fjords Milford, Dusky, and Doubtful Sound. But Milford Sound is certainly the most cherished gem of them all. Numerous tourists visit it each year in order to sense the extraordinary feel of this captivating jewel. Anybody who visits this astonishing place will have the unique opportunity to explore gushing cascades, offshore islands, virgin rainforests, vast lakes, and ice-topped mountain peaks. Milford Track is an ideal healthy destination for hikers who want to see this place on foot. However, probably the best way to see Milford Sound is via boat where you can see waterfalls and wildlife in close proximity.

  • Matapouri Bay

There are many gorgeous beaches on the island,  but if you are on a hunt for mermaids this is the place to come to. Of course, not literally, but this famous beach is also known as “the Mermaid Pools” due to huge hidden underwater emerald rock pools. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t visit it during high tides as the waves crash over the rocks and it may be extremely dangerous. The path to the pools represents a real adventure for the visitors. From the carpark, at the end of Morrison Road, it’s a 600m stroll to the northern end (turn left) of Matapouri Bay’s white crescent beach until you reach the saddle between the two headland hills of Rokoaweke and Rangitapu Point. And then one of the bedazzling wonders of New Zealand awaits you.

  • Bay of Islands

If you like many Aussies fan of fishing, sailing, water sports, and other challenging water activities, the Bay of Islands has everything that you strive for and more. Bay of Islands is actually a dazzling region that is made up of 144 islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. You can get there by car from Auckland. Simply find a superb company that arranges private aircraft charter from Sydney to Auckland and gets there in no time to revel in all its wonders. You can go to the city of Russell which is known for being a gateway to a stunning enclave with more than 140 subtropical islands. There you will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to swim with dolphins. Also, you cannot leave the Bay of Islands without seeing the Hole in the Rock and sail through its majestic opening when the tide is high.

  • Castlepoint

If you were to take a short drive north of the capital city of Wellington, you will encounter an enchanting lighthouse in the charming seaside town of Castlepoint. With its fossil-rich limestone reef, lighthouse and magnificent 162 meters high Castle Rock, Castlepoint is one of the most spectacular sites along the Wairarapa coastline. The area was named in 1770 by Captain Cook, and the reef, lagoon, sand dunes and the Castle Rock are all part of the natural reservation. All fierce adventurers can take one of two short walks, the Lighthouse walk or the Deliverance Cove Track, and get prepared to enliven all their senses. Travelers have the opportunity to visit some of the Castlepoint’s campsites, sleep under the stars and listen to distant dolphins’ music.

  • Rotorua

Amongst beaches, glaciers, mountains, New Zealand can brag about being the home to one of the world’s most active geothermal geysers and hot pools. Also known as the Pacific Ring of Fire, Rotorua is the place where the ground roars. Visitors can take organized walking tours of these geothermal wonders, soak in steaming mineral springs, and learn a little bit of the region’s rich Maori history and culture. Adventurers can go skydiving, explore the boiling mud pools, hissing geysers and visit other ethereal forces that are overwhelming New Zealand’s dramatic topography.  The neighboring geothermal wonderland Wai-O-Tapu showcases the miraculous springs, the Champagne Pools, and other bubbly mud pools, as well as the spectacular Devil’s Bath. Other thrill-seekers can try ridiculously fun zorbing, where you basically seal yourself into a large inflatable ball and go rolling around insanely.

New Zealand is packed with innumerable other natural wonders that haven’t made it onto the list because there aren’t enough adjectives and words to explain their significance. Tourists, wildlife enthusiasts, seafood aficionados and other explorers will have their visit totally packed in some of New Zealand’s natural wonders.

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