Ways to Deal with Smartphone Addiction

Ways to Deal with Smartphone Addiction

Given the features of modern smartphones along with the ease of internet access these days, it’s possible that you end up getting addicted to using your smartphone. You might not even know that you already spent several hours using your phone. At night, you still keep scrolling even when you’re about to go to sleep. At some point, it becomes alarming. As such, you need to consider looking for ways to avoid getting addicted.

Track your usage

The good thing with modern phones is that it’s possible for you to track how much time you’re using the phone. You need to set a limit. Once you reach it, you have to set the alarm so you can reduce or stop your use of the phone. It helps promote phone and life balance.

Stop looking at your phone

When you keep using your phone, there’s endless content out there for you to see. You won’t stop browsing information until there’s nothing for you to read or watch. Unfortunately, given how vast the internet is, there seem to be no limits in regard to what you can find. Therefore, it helps if you turn your phone off or at least the notifications. You don’t have to know everything that’s going on. If you have other priorities in life, you need to see to them first.

Set some alone time

For a few minutes each day, you need to be alone. Drop everything that you do and spend time with yourself. You can use it to meditate, sing a song, or appreciate your environment. You can find a spot where you feel relaxed. Don’t worry about all the emails you have yet to respond to or messages that are urgent. You can get to them once your alone time is over.

Speak to your friends

Set a time to be with your friends. You can dine with them or hang out in a coffee shop. You need to set a rule that when you’re together, no one should check their phones. In doing so, you have time to connect with other people without getting disturbed by modern technology. You can also ask your friends to be your support system and constantly remind you to keep your hands off your phone.

Switch to a basic phone

The problem with smartphones is that you quickly get connected with things around you. The content makes you addicted. You didn’t feel this way when you were still using a basic phone for texting and calling. You might have to switch to that option for a while when you have something important to do. Nothing is interesting about a basic phone unless there’s someone who wants to talk or text with you for a long time.

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When you try these steps, it’s possible for you not to be so addicted anymore. To be safe, while you use your phone, you need EMF protection. You need to protect yourself against the detrimental effects of radiation. The addictive effect of smartphones won’t only affect your mental state, but even your physical health too.

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