4 Best Dab Pens for medicating patients

4 Best Dab Pens for medicating patients

Cannabis concentrates provide patients with a more convenient and potent means of medication. Most concentrates are also cleaner than botanical blends since some of the higher quality concentrates undergo sophisticated filtration procedures to remove harmful toxins and irritants giving you smoother and purer yields than smoking herbs.

If you’re a medicating patient in search of a dab pen, then you’re in luck. We’ll be listing down some of the most recommended dab pens as well as the features that make them suitable for medical wax concentrate consumption. Now, some of these dab pens aren’t designed nor created for the sole purpose of medical use to begin with. But some of the properties we’ve found and noticed made them the ideal tool and delivery method for medical wax concentrate use. If you want to check out some of the best medical marijuana dab pens on the market, click here.

We know you’re excited, so let’s start.

  1. Boundless CF-710

First on our list is the Boundless CF-710 vaporizer. This dab pen is made of 100% stainless steel which not only means that it’s tough but also means that it will not corrode nor will it give you the problem of developing rust that will not only weaken the integrity of the actual unit but will also affect and contaminate the vapor should rust and corrosion make its way to the heating element. This can cause oxidation that may lead to toxic byproducts.

Furthermore, the Boundless CF-710 has an extended vapor path that not only cools down the vapor but also lets some of the irritants found in the vapor dissipate because of the time it takes for the vapor to travel from the heating element to your throat. The stem-straw mouthpiece improves your overall vaping experience by making sure that the vapors will have ample travel time to cool down and break down any irritants that may cause throat itching and lung irritation.

The boundless CF-710 is backed by a 900mAh battery giving it all the power it needs as well as the longevity of the battery itself. You’re sure to experience longer vaping sessions and lesser time charging.

  1. Atmos Kiln

Second on our list is the Atmos Kiln. Now, Atmos has been known in the vaping industry as a brand with a heart since they manufacture vaporizers with the medical marijuana user in mind and the Kiln is a good example.

Let’s start with the size, at around 4.45 inches tall, the Atmos Kiln is small enough to fit in your pocket and is compact enough to be concealed right in the palm of your hands. Because of its small size and light weight, the Atmos Kiln is one of the best dab pens you can ever have because apart from its size, the Kiln offers clean and pure vapors thanks its all-ceramic heating element. The atomizer found on the Atmos Kiln is a 100% ceramic disc with no wicks or exposed coils. This means that you can get to save your favorite medical concentrates because there’s no coil for the material to build up on. Because the atomizer on the Atmos Kiln does have no fibrous wicks, it will not run into the common pitfall of wicked atomizers – burnt wicks.

Moreover, the use of ceramic heating elements works in the benefit of the consumers because ceramic is an inert mineral that prevents the temperature of the dab pen of reaching the point of combustion. That’s why vapors from the Atmos Kiln is best for medicating patients because they’re vaporized using low and slow heating. They retain the natural flavors while maintaining a smooth throat hit that’s not harsh that would negatively impact your experience.

  1. Grenco Science G Pen

The G pen from Grenco Science made it on our list because of its premium dual quartz atomizers. We have just talked about how great ceramic is when vaping concentrates, we can say that quartz as a mineral used in heating elements is equally great. However, unlike ceramic, quartz facilitates faster heat up time compared to ceramic. That’s why quartz minerals make for faster components in heating elements. For patients that require immediate relief from pain, quick and efficient management of muscle strains and tissue spasms or if you want to escape anxiety and deal with depression, a fast acting and on demand device is what you’ll need.

The G Pen Grenco Science uses high-quality medical-grade quartz crystals that quickly ramps up and vaporize your wax concentrates but still does not have that smokiness medical cannabis consumers learned to hate – or for any type of consumer for that matter. Moreover, because the G Pen from Grenco Science can be used by medicating patients even when they’re outside or in public. That’s because the vapors created by these premium quartz atomizers are pure and is not as visible as other dab pens. This means you can consume your wax concentrates stealthily without having to sound the alarm.

  1. Source Slim 4 – Travel Kit

Coming in at number 4 is the Source Slim 4 – Travel Kit. Small but portable vape kit comes with all the dab essentials you need to keep yourself medicated. The reason why it landed a spot on our list is its ability to perfectly blend versatility and portability. The Source Slim 4 is small enough to be a travel-friendly unit but it provides you with all the tools you need for a satisfying cannabinoid intake including a travel case to keep all its components tidy. In terms of versatility, what we loved about this compact unit is its variable airflow system that changes the vapor output even with the smallest adjustment.

One great feature of the Source Slim 4 is its built-in wax container which means that you no longer have to lug around a wax jar when you want to take your medication outside. Instead, the concentrate stash is integrated with the vaporizer itself making it stealthier and less suspicious when you’re reloading your dab pen.

This dab pen is perfect for all your medicating needs as well as for recreational use.

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