8 Best Tactics used by Residential Pool Cleaners in 2019

8 Best Tactics used by Residential Pool Cleaners in 2019

We all know that the idea of having a swimming pool in the backyard of your house is quite glamorous. It simply can compel you into daydreaming for fitness routines that incorporate lap work, lounging poolside, or even hosting weekend parties.

Well, what most of the people often ignore is the maintenance. To be honest, this is considered to be one of the most crucial elements of pool ownership. Keep this in mind that without proper up-keeping, your swimming pool would start to look like a swamp in no time. Then you’ll have to hire one of the top residential pool cleaners in Pompano Beach FL. Green water, algae infested water, broken filters, who would want to even lay beside such kind of pool.

Don’t worry, you have landed on the right page, as this post has a list of the top 8 tactics that are being used by professional residential pool cleaners. With the help of these tips, you will be able to upkeep your pool for a long period. Let’s just say, with the help of these tactics, you can rest assured, your pool will be looking like you have just opened your swimming pool for the first time. Anyways, you need to keep reading until the very end of this post to get the most out of it to give your summer season the right kick start.

Tactic# 1: Get Used To Skimming And Scrubbing

Did you know that skimming should be done regularly if you want a perfect pool? Removing the debris and leaves off the water surface is no rocket science but trust me it endures repeating. Anyways, don’t worry, if you have some extra money to spend, you can even buy a vacuum cleaner that will easily clean the base of the pool.

Skimming alone won’t guarantee a clean pool, you also need to brush the boundaries of your swimming pool as well. This will prevent the algae from build-up. You might be wondering, similar to skimming, you’d have to scrub the sides daily too? Not necessary, scrubbing the sides of the pool once in a week will be sufficient.

Tactic# 2: Always Keep A Check On The Level Of The Water

The level of the water inside of the swimming pool is just as important as the conformation of the chemical in the swimming pool water. The water level is bound to vary after the kids or even you cannonball into it or after heavy rainfall.

Whatever the case might be, if the level of the water is low, you can use a gardening hose to fill it, or if the water level is high, you need to drain the extra water promptly.

Tactic# 3: Want To Absorb Oil? Use Tennis Balls

What comes to your mind when you see a bunch of tennis balls that are floating on the swimming pool? Well, for a lot of people seeing the tennis ball in the pool would only bring the thought of playing catch. However, tennis balls can do double duties.

When people get out of the water, certain oils get left behind. These oils can be from lotion, natural oil, hair products, or anything else. Don’t fret, there is an easy solution and yes, you have guessed it right.

You need to simply throw some tennis balls in the pool. The fiber strands of the balls will absorb the oil and keep them from leaving.

Tactic# 4: Shine the Deck with Power Washing

Similar to the visual curb of the swimming pool, the surrounding area is just as important. Which is why you need to always keep the deck of your swimming pool shining with the help of power washing. Remember that power washing will help you get rid of dust, grime, or any rust that has occurred over time.

You don’t have to buy the power washing machine, you can simply rent it from your nearest hardware or home improvement store.

Tactic# 5: Preventing Damage By Winterizing

As significant as the swimming pool upkeep is throughout the summer season, it’s considerably imperative to make sure that you secure it for the colder season as well. All things considered, nobody needs to remove the pool cover only to find that their pool has a hole or that their water is brimming with dangerous bacteria.

Making the right moves to appropriately winterize your pool can save you a lot of money and time on the repair for next summer season.

Tactic# 6: Consistent Chemical Levels

Testing the water for the chemical is simple. All you need is a couple of testing kits that will be easily available from your nearest pool store. Fill it with the sample of your pool’s water. Add the given solution for the kit and close the containers.

Following a couple of seconds, the sample ought to change its color and a correlation of the sample to the shades will appear on the testing kit. This will enable you to decide the chemical level of the water. You ought to alter the levels, as required, for a perfect equalization.

Tactic# 7: Schedule A Yearly Inspection

Before your appointment with Airbnb swimming pool inspection service company, you need to have a thorough look at your pool overall. Then you need to compile a list of any damages that you find in the pool, cracks you see in the linear, sounds that are originating from the machines, or foul smell of the water. You need to mention all your findings to the person you are hiring to give him thought of where to begin.

If there is nothing wrong with your swimming pool, the annual inspection would most likely appear as a waste of your investment and time, right? Be that as it may, always remember that: Detecting and then fixing a little issue currently can save you from repairing or replacing an emergency later not far off.

Tactic# 8: Shocking A Cloudy Pool

Shocking the pool refers to increasing the level of chlorine of the swimming pool for a brief moment to kill the dangerous bacterial organisms. It is done by concentrating three to five times the usual quantity of chlorine with water, gradually pouring it into the pool’s waterline.

Author Bio: Tom Dexter is a proud owner of a residential pool cleaning company. With years of working experience, he has trained his workers in such a way that they always leave the pool looking as if it was brand new. Tom Dexter knows that no want to lay beside a dirty pool, which is why he keeps himself updated with latest tools and techniques and shares his experience with others frequently.

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