Top Instagram Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships to Drive Sales

Top Instagram Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships to Drive Sales

As far as car dealership marketing is concerned, mobile-focused social media engagement results in the generation of leads as well as genuine footfalls to your car showroom. Moreover, if you use the power of Instagram, there is nothing like it. Did you know that more than 95 million photos and videos are shared daily on Instagram? Therefore, it is the perfect visual platform to reach out to car buyers and drive sales.

According to an article published on, Instagram is one of the quickest ways to connect to a huge number of people and let them know about your brand. You can use high-definition photos and videos of your cars on sale to pique audience. For instance, you can show behind-the-scenes videos of your courteous staff assisting car buyers at your dealership. Read on to learn more about some of the top Instagram ideas for your car business to boost sales.

Make the most of images and videos

A video will help in generating thrice the inbound links compared to text-based content. Therefore, the inclusion videos together with high-definition photos of the cars are the best way to deliver amazing results, implying you generate qualified leads so that genuine customers saunter into your car dealership.visit here

When it comes to videos, it brings your visual narrative to life, like a customer doing a test drive of a vehicle such as the Nissan Rogue. It will help your targeted audience figure out the experience of your existing customers through these visuals.

You can use fun images and videos or live moments from your car dealership to gain real Instagram followers.

Include a CTA to your Instagram bio

Make sure you integrate a clickable link to your Instagram bio, which guides visitors to your dealership website. Your special discount offers would seem feasible and make sense if your Instagram marketing is car-driven. On the contrary, if your Instagram page is community-focused, then your events page will make a great landing page for your call-to-action or CTA. Therefore, add a CTA to your bio.

Connect with your targeted audience

Like your prospects’ photos and leave a good comment to connect with them in a better way. It will make them feel involved and important. They will feel that your car dealership cares about the customers. It will motivate them to visit your Instagram business profile. They will start like your posts and make comments. Make sure you create high-quality posts to pique audience interest.

You can try some selfie contest through your Instagram page. Make a request to all your prospective buyers to take a test drive with their selfie. The best selfie will be declared the ‘selfie of the month’ along with some freebies. Reward your Instagram followers with discount coupons or codes for car service. It may prove a win-win idea for your Instagram marketing, helping your business as well as your followers.

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Instagram posts with hash tags have more than 12 percent greater commitment contrasted with posts that do exclude them. Immediately, this should disclose to you exactly how significant these little, straightforward showcasing apparatuses are. Just as this, today, hash tags are all over the place. They’re on TV promotions, on flyers and unquestionably via web-based networking media posts. On the off chance that you are scanning Instagram for business tips, hash tags are unquestionably the spot to begin. They will help the enhancement of your substance and revelation. At the end of the day, much more individuals are going to see your posts. That is the reason each post on Instagram for vehicles ought to incorporate a couple of hash tags.

However, what do you have to think about utilizing hash tags for your vehicle business? All things considered, here’s another of our Instagram for business tips. While hash tags are surely helpful, you would prefer not to take this thought excessively far. Instagram will enable you to add thirty to each post, however, that doesn’t mean you should. Fifteen is the maximum you’ll have to connect with, pull in and get those offers utilizing Instagram for vehicles.

One reason why you shouldn’t utilize an excessive number of hash tags is on the grounds that you need to keep them pertinent to your Instagram picture of video. In the event that you are demonstrating a photograph of a Range Rover Époque Convertible, it doesn’t bode well to utilize a hash tag like #car sale while #époque unquestionably does. Keep in mind, hash tags can be an extraordinary path for clients to discover what they are searching for. You can look at applications like Hash tag if to check whether your hash tag is helping clients discover your post when utilizing Instagram for vehicles.

In case you’re searching for more Instagram for business tips around hash tags, you can even make your very own marked hash tag, urging clients and customers to utilize it. It’s an incredible method to ensure that everybody is associated with everything from enormous deals to nearby occasions and gives a bigger power online to get the message out.

Interface with Prospects

A marked hash tag is only one case of an approach to interface with prospects that you’ll find when scanning Instagram for business tips. There are numerous others, and you ought to take a gander at utilizing however many as could be allowed. You have to consider what to do when clients message you. Normally, you’ll need to keep discussions open and in the open eye as this can be an extraordinary method to construct intrigue. In any case, on the off chance that you have a prospect who is always captivating, one on one private visit can be a superior method to verify the deal. You can do this through a DM and use it to push clients toward what they are scanning for on your site since Instagram doesn’t permit interactive hyperlinks. Try not to fall for the snare of compromising by sending clients duplicate and glued substance. Make it individual, and you’re bound to get their advantage since they’ll feel associated with your organization.

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Prospect Connections

Another alternative that is especially powerful when taking a gander at Instagram for vehicles and vehicle deals is to make a story. This is actually as it sounds and it will enable you to interface more with your client base and the individuals will’s identity following your profile. When you recount to a story, you give potential clients something to draw in with and that they can pursue. You could, on the off chance that you had some time, utilize your Instagram to recount to the narrative of gathering a client to the last deal, possibly, through a video or a progression of posts with photos. Obviously, you have to get a client to consent to be a piece of this kind of story, and that can be dubious, especially toward the beginning of the deal. In any case, some will most likely be charmed by the thought. On the other hand, you can utilize your Instagram as a window demonstrating multi-day in the background in your vehicle vendor. Utilizing the system as a window into your organization is extraordinary compared to other Instagram for business tips and certainly ought to be considered. The extraordinary thing about Instagram for autos is that you can show off both your vehicles and your representatives in the story without it ending up excessively immediate.

On the other hand, why not just get your best deals representative to make an appreciated video, welcoming new supporters and acquainting them with your Instagram page and your organization. Regularly the best Instagram for business tips are the least complex.


Now that you have these tips handy,use them for your Instagram marketing and drive vehicle sales. You are sure to see positive results.

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