4 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Plastic Surgery Overseas

4 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Plastic Surgery Overseas

A lot of people like the idea of being able to go down south or to a luxurious destination like Phuket and get some work done while there. After all, who wouldn’t want to recover surrounded by palm trees and people catering to your every whim? The problem is that people often have a very naive idea of what plastic surgery is like in other countries and what it’s really like to have to recover in a whole different country and legal/medical system. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be considering before booking a medical tourism trip.

Is it Really Worth it?

The US already has some of the best professionals and plenty of great locales if you want to recover in style. If you’re going to get something like Botox, Los Angeles is the perfect spot. Clinics like Your Laser Skin Care, for instance, have been providing Botox treatments for years and will be here to help you find the best treatment for your needs. You won’t have to worry about their credentials or what type of material they’re using, and they’ll be right there if you need a follow up.

Ask as Many Questions You Can

Since you’ll be trusting this person with your life in many cases, it’s important that you ask as many questions as you can. Great results or even references aren’t enough there. You have to really dig deep and actually know what the conditions are at their facility, what kind of formation they’ve received, and what the accepted standards of care are there.

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Know What Recourse You’ll Have if Any

When you work with a US professional, you’ll always have the chance to sue them if anything goes wrong. However, know that you may have no recourse at all if you go to another country and get a procedure done by someone who’s not licensed.

Make Sure You Are Aware of the Risks

If you’re going to undergo a surgical procedure, you have to be aware of all the risks involved. And you need to be aware of the risks before, during, and after the procedure too. For instance, if you intended to fly back home straight after the procedure, that could be a problem as air flight increases the chances of developing blood clots.

This is even worse if you go to destinations like Thailand or the Republican Republic that require long flights. Staying seated for hours could aggravate things. Also, if you end up contracting an infection after the procedure, you might be forced to go back to the same doctor who treated you since many won’t take cases that they know nothing about, so that’s another thing you’ll have to be prepared for.

Getting plastic surgery procedures done overseas can sometimes be a gamble, so think twice before you take any unnecessary risk. Also, consider if you could get the procedure done closer to home to facilitate recovery and follow ups.

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