Go Easy and be Fast in your Texting Game using Abbreviations like LMAO

Go Easy and be Fast in your Texting Game using Abbreviations like LMAO

Have you been getting hit by abbreviations like LOL, LMAO and ASAP? Do you have a clue on what these words mean? Well, these are just abbreviations used by the laziest folks out there. Now, what are abbreviations? They are the shortened forms of long words that you have wished to be shorter in your past times. Have you ever heard someone saying out loud ‘laughing my ass off‘? That would be so difficult and weird to say while laughing out loud in tears. Right? If you are not familiar with what abbreviations are and what these famous sketchy words mean, I got you on this one. Let me give you a quick lesson that might help you make your texting game stronger.

LMAO meaning…

LMAO is a short form of ‘laughing my ass off’, and I know you see people use it all the time, be it on your social media or in real life. It just makes the job simple. You do not have to laugh and use these extended expressions at the same time to express what you feel like. Speaking a long phase like this would ruin the moment, and you might have to compromise with your laugh too, right? No. you can go with LMAO and laugh out loud at the same time. You just got to use these small abbreviations, and the person will only get you.

There are a lot of acronyms like LOL, LMAO, FR, RIP, ASAP, etc. that you can use to take your texting game to the next level and be fast AF. Do you see what I just did there? I used an abbreviation to be short and more understandable. LOL stands for’lots of laughs’, LMAO, as I told you is a shortened form of ‘laughing my ass out’. FR, being the most common abbreviation used among teenagers meaning ‘for real’. ASAP stands for as soon as possible and you do not have to tell your parents about it because they’ll be using it a lot to get you home ASAP.

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If you have been using long phrases while texting? Come on; it’s 2019. You got to use the short forms and be more relaxed and trendy with everything even if it comes to bring extra; you got to go for the abbreviations.

Why are abbreviations more convenient?

Are you not tired of texting? I mean, everyone hates to type so much and invest a lot of time and energy into it. Right? That is when the abbreviations come in. You got to be a meme fan. Aren’t you? If you find something funny, which is every second meme and you feel like commenting on it or tagging your pals, what would you say? ‘lots of laughs’ or just a simple word expressing the same emotion ‘lol’?

That is pretty easy to decide. I hope you go for the shortened version. But it isn’t the same with every phrase. Abbreviations are more convenient and reliable when it comes to phrases which are commonly used among people. If you try to be smart and hit the other person with some weird abbreviation, you might have to explain the whole thing to them, and that looks like more work for your fingers while texting. Now these day abbreviations are very common and popular in reading and writing short messages.

I hope you all take it from here and be the best one out there, at least over text. Using abbreviations will save you from getting caught by your teachers because it legit takes a few seconds to type one. But I won’t suggest you texting in class. You better study out there.

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