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What Are the Top 5 Diets for Women in 2019?

What Are the Top 5 Diets for Women in 2019?

Women looking to get into shape and improve their overall health will find there are many ways they can achieve this goal. The key is to find the diet that works best for the individual, as what is appropriate for one person might not be 

What Strength E-liquid do I Need?

What Strength E-liquid do I Need?

Not knowing what the best e-liquid strength to opt for is perhaps one of the most common issues faced by new vapers. The truth is, there is no one size fits all answer to this, and it can vary dramatically depending on your smoking history 

How Shisha Pens Are Used To Improve Smokers Health

How Shisha Pens Are Used To Improve Smokers Health

Today, people are becoming more cautious about what they are subjecting their bodies to. One of the things that most health practitioners are trying to do is to help people to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes is not only a cause of many diseases but also the number one cause of lung cancer. Research has shown that lung cancer has claimed the lives of many smokers, but this does not have to happen to you if you move on to vaping technology. One of the best inventions for smokers is the shisha pens, which have come in handy. Not only are they portable and affordable, but they also improve the smoker’s health significantly- you can get some of the best ones here. It is also important to note that the e-liquids used in shisha pens come in different flavors, some with nicotine and some without. With that said, let us now see how shisha pens help in improving a smoker’s health;

1. You can track your nicotine intake

Nicotine, among 7000 other chemicals, is one of the chemicals found in cigarettes. Through the traditional way of smoking, you would find yourself taking more than one cigar in a single session. At the end of the day, it would be so hard to tell the amount of nicotine you used. However, since the shisha pens come in different sizes, you can be able to tell the amount of nicotine you used in a day. The amount of e-liquid the shisha pen tanker depends on its size.

2. You can take breaks

Throwing away a cigar while not fully depleted is one of the hardest things for smokers. As such, one would find themselves in the smoking zone for a long time trying to puff the cigarette until it is completely over. This meant that the smoker would leave the smoking area, having subjected their bodies to too many harmful chemicals all at once. However, with the shisha pens, you can always take a break when need be. If you feel like you have had enough, you can always stop and resume later.

3. They contain fewer chemicals

As aforementioned, there are about 7000 harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. And what this means is that you are at a higher risk of health issues when subjecting yourself to such. However, the e-liquid used on shisha pens contains fewer chemicals, which means that using them puts you in a better position health-wise compared to cigarette smokers. So much so, you can also use the e liquids that contain no nicotine at all. And the good thing is that it still gets you high.

Take Away

Clearly, the use of shisha pens is indeed a life savior to smokers. If you are still stuck in the conventional way of smoking, it is about time to shift and join the shisha pens buzz for the sake of your health.

When is The Right Time your Body Needs Physical Therapies

When is The Right Time your Body Needs Physical Therapies

When should you visit a physical therapist? This is a question that bothers most people. Well, you do not have to be old or suffering from serious injury to enjoy the benefits of physical therapy. Usually, physical therapy is used to treat chronic problems in 

Is This-True Owning a Dog May Help You Live Longer?

Is This-True Owning a Dog May Help You Live Longer?

Dogs are an essential part of the family unit in many households across the globe. Dogs are great companions and they make life more interesting. Among the many benefits that owning a dog offers, new research suggests that a dog may help you live longer. 

5 Garden Ideas for Healthier Outdoor Spaces

5 Garden Ideas for Healthier Outdoor Spaces

If you’ve been gardening for a while or you’ve simply been unlucky in your earliest efforts, you may have planted a plant only to have it succumb to a disease. This can be a perplexing experience when it first happens to anyone, and it leads to a host of questions. Did you plant in the correct place? Did the plant have a disease when it was purchased? Will this disease spread throughout the garden? How can I protect my garden from this and other diseases? This is understandable, in this article, we will present five garden ideas to help you create a healthier outdoor space.

The Disease Triangle

When you think about garden design in Perth, the first thing that you need to understand is the disease triangle. Three things have to coincide for any garden disease to function and spread; they are:

The Host: This is a plant that is capable of becoming sick in the first place.

The Pathogen: This is a bacteria, virus, or fungus that could attack the host.

The Environment: Certain environmental conditions, such as drought or high humidity that can make the host more susceptible to the pathogen.

Unless all three of these conditions are in place, a disease cannot occur in your garden. So, if you can knock out even one of the sides of the disease triangle, your plants will not get sick and die.

2. Only Choose Healthy Plants

The best way to avoid the disease triangle is by only choosing healthy plants for your garden. When you bring toddlers free home a diseased plant, you’re actually introducing a host of new pathogens into your garden that can compromise the health of the other plants. Now, this is easier said than done; it can take a great deal of experience to identify a healthy plant, and a full explanation is far beyond the scope of this article. As a rule of thumb, don’t take home any plants that have rotted stems, dead spots, insect infestations, and poor root structures. These are all problems that can easily spread to other plants, and they will be difficult to eliminate later on.

3. Use Garden Reticulation

One of the best garden ideas for any Perth gardener for reticulation installation in their garden. Watering with a hose here is simply not as effective or efficient as using a dedicated water delivery system. This is the best way to ensure an even delivery of water to every part of your garden with a timed delivery to ensure that it occurs on time each day. When a plant is not receiving enough water, it is subject to the environmental conditions that form one side of the disease triangle. If you want to know more contact Luke’s Landscaping for expert help and advice on a reticulation system to suit your garden’s needs.

4. Use Fully Composted Waste

Many people now compost their waste to help the environment and provide some much-needed nutrients for their garden. This is an admirable effort, but many people may be composted in a manner that actually promotes the disease triangle harming their plants. Every material that goes into a composting heap or composter will decompose at a different rate. So, if you jump the gun and use the compost too early, it will contain materials that have not fully decomposed to create compost. Essentially, you will be spreading the rotten waste on your garden, and this will make your plants less healthy. Exposing your plants to this material is like coating them with pathogens that could make them sick. When you use homemade compost, it’s important to make sure that it’s fully decomposed before you use it in your garden.

5. Keep an Eye on Insect Damage

The damage that insects cause to your plants goes much deeper than you can see on the surface. When the surface of the plant is compromised with insect bites, it’s a vector that a pathogen can use to enter the plant. Some insects even act as a carrier for viruses, and they spread the disease from plant to plant as they land on them. Aphids are a common carrier of many viruses, and taking steps to remove them should be a priority to guard against disease.

Which Is Better – CBD Iced Tea Or Hemp Infused Tea?

Which Is Better – CBD Iced Tea Or Hemp Infused Tea?

When it comes to answering the question about what is better – CBD iced tea or hemp infuse tea, you need to know what you’re talking about. As in, what is CBD and what is hemp? When you know the differences in the product, and 

How CBD Oil Extracts Are Changing People’s Views On Cannabis

How CBD Oil Extracts Are Changing People’s Views On Cannabis

CBD is just about everywhere now. But it wasn’t always that way. Even though in general marijuana is more closely associated with hippies and a mellow time, it has a bad wrap. The misinformed aligning the happy herb with not so palatable characters. But marijuana 

What Vaporizers Make it Easier to Get High?

What Vaporizers Make it Easier to Get High?

There are more considerations than just your herb in play when you are using a vaporizer. You want to get the most bang for your buck, and that means getting high quickly, the tastiest and with quality clouds. So here are some considerations when you are looking to get wavy.



You are looking for a vaporizer that you can work with. The temperature should be easy to set and change. Ideally with a decent-sized bowl and something that will work with dry herb, liquid or solid concentrates. See here for the perfect vape companion.


What you buy is going to matter. It seems like stating the obvious but low-quality herbs, oils, waxes and liquids are always going to give you a lousy high. No vaporizer can save the day here. When you are buying herb, or maybe you get it prescribed you ideally want the herb to be as dry as possible (not stale). The drier the herb, the better vapor you are going to be able to get. If you don’t think your herb is dry enough you can pop it in a glass jar to dry it up some more – without a lid is best, but with a layer of tissue paper underneath and on top. The tissue paper will soak up any of the excess moisture. Alternatively, you can use a dehumidifier bag.


Some vaporizers don’t need to have your herb ground up very finely, others do. But if you want to maximize the vapor, then a vaporizer can make better use of the finer ground herb. The finer ground herb will take up more surface area and warm more evenly. Hot air can travel better through the herb and pick up the terpenes and other active ingredients. So investing in a great grinder is a must.


Most vaporizers will have some sort of instructions for packing, you must follow them. The chamber and plates will be designed with that pack in mind. Vaporizers tend to come with a packing tool too. So rather than just wedge it in, use the tool. When ground evenly and packed to perfection, the heat will travel through the herb more effectively – giving more bang for your buck per toke. If you have overpacked you’ll need to pull harder – if you find this often happening, take out some of the herbs and try again.

The reason you’ll need to pull harder is that the chamber is too packed and reducing the airflow. You’re looking for a fluffy and evenly packed chamber.


This is where the vaporizer is going to make a massive difference. You are looking to ‘burn’ at the perfect temperature. This is a personal preference, but if you want to get high, then you need to find a balance. Setting the temperature high and you will get a strong throat hit, but it might not be what is best for the herb or vapor. Higher the heat, the more the flavour will deteriorate.

In general:

345 to 390-degree f will give you a medium vapor and a great flavour. If you are looking to get a serious amount of vapor, then crank it up to 410 for the throat hit and a big cloud.


If you are used to smoking a joint then vaping won’t be alien to you. You will need to have more control over your pulls, though. Some vaporizers are more catered to a quick deep pull, and others are for long slow tokes. The long slow tokes will generally have more vapor than the quick blasts.

No matter which vape you choose, you are going to need to get used to it. The best thing to do is to take a long 10-second pull and see how it goes. You can then work on temperature and see if you have over packed.

Work With Your Vape

A mistake that many people make is that they toke as soon as the unit is heated. Give it a few extra seconds to warm everything up properly. Even the fastest heating vape should be given some extra seconds. After all, you are going for the best bake. Take around 30 seconds and more between pulls too. The heat will continue to build nicely, and your whole bowl will be warmed through.


It is really important to note that if you are looking for those big creamy clouds, then you should be working with liquids. Dry herb vaporizers will produce aromatic, flavour-filled clouds – but they won’t be as thick.


To get the best high, you can buy a mid-ranged vaporizer, but high-quality herb and follow the steps above to maximize the experience.

What They Never Told You About Maeng Da Kratom

What They Never Told You About Maeng Da Kratom

All over the world people are enjoying many different types of Kratom strains, blends, and mixtures. If you have never heard of Kratom, it is a tree that grows primarily in Indonesia. The leaves are harvested and ground into a fine powder where the user then