How a Dry Herb Vaporizer Works: A Short Guide for First-Time Users

How a Dry Herb Vaporizer Works: A Short Guide for First-Time Users

The term dry herb vaporizer may sound fancy at first mention, and in your mind, you might conjure up an image of a complicated and very expensive machine. In truth, however, dry herb vaporizers are nifty gadgets that just about any cannabis user can have, and as such, they’re seeing high rates of adoption where recreational cannabis is legal. The reason behind their popularity is not hard to trace: dry herb vaporizers are a good alternative to smoking cannabis, and ideal for those who want to cut back on smoking while still enjoying the herb’s special properties.

A first-time surveyor of the vape pen market may be wondering: what’s the difference between using a dry herb vaporizer over smoking cannabis buds, and what are the benefits that justify the price? This feature is written with first-time vape pen users in mind, with the goal of helping them decide what the best option is for them.

Dry Herb Vaporizers: The Science behind Vaping Your Favorite Buds

If one were to list the top methods of consuming cannabis, “smoking joints” would likely be the frontrunner. After all smoking buds in rolling paper is perhaps the most well-known means of enjoying the herb. Like vaping, it involves inhaling cannabis in order to feel its effects in the bloodstream.

Unlike vaping, however, smoking weed involves combustion, which incites a chemical reaction from the cannabisby burning it at high temperature. It may be a relatively simple, straightforward, and familiar method of taking cannabis, but it has one big caveat: it carries the same detriments as smoking tobacco, such as irritating the lungs and throat and exposing the smoker’s body to carcinogens and other harmful compounds.

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In contrast, using a dry herb vaporizer only requires you to heat the dry cannabis buds at a high enough temperature point to melt down its fatty resins and oils. As the machine’s name implies, it vaporizes these at a temperature of between 330 °F and 370 °F, with no combustion involved.

Vaporizers like the Mighty Dry Herb vaporizer also come with appealing tech features to bolster ease of use. Examples of such features are tough-as-nails construction, cooling units to give the vapor a cleaner and less abrasive taste, all-day lithium ion batteries, and LED displays to show the unit’s remaining battery power. Can you imagine being this good with your weed, all with a device that you can fit in your pocket?

The Benefits of Choosing Dry Herb Vaporizers over Smoked Cannabis

Now that you know the working difference between smoking weed and vaping it with a dry herb vaporizer, you have a clear argument for exploring the latter. Here are just five ways how vaping cannabis with a dry herb vaporizer may be better for your health, your budget, and your lifestyle compared to smoking cannabis.

  • Quality of the “high.”With a dry herb vaporizer, you can definitely achieve the signature high of cannabis in the same time it takes to smoke it. But vape pen users often cite that they experience a cleaner, purer, and more powerful high than what they got with smoked weed.
  • Customization. Portable vapes, pen-type vapes, and the larger desktop vapes have one cool trait in common: they allow their users a great degree of control over how to grind, heat, and inhale their buds. If being able to customize your in-toke is of value to you, then you’ll definitely see the appeal of owning a dry herb vaporizer.
  • Another great thing about having your own vaporizer is that you can carry it around wherever you go. You can commence a session virtually anywhere that it’s legal to without having to roll up, light up,or worry about disposing of trash properly.
  • Discretion. Dry herb vaporizers are also good for when you want to be low-key about your habit. The vapor has a weaker smell than cannabis smoke, and it is therefore less intrusive to others who aren’t as keen on weed.
  • Shields users from the detriments of smoked cannabis. This is perhaps the best reason to choose a dry herb vaporizer over of the practice of smoking joints and blunts: you’ll eliminate the harmful effects of combusting cannabis, which are close to that of smoking tobacco.
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Don’t forget that your choice of dry herb vaporizer also matters; you’ll only cash in on the benefits listed above if you avoid the sub-par and bootleg-quality stuff. Seek the good stuff out on your search for the best toking experiences of all time!

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