How to Spend a Healthy Weekend in Chichester, West Sussex

How to Spend a Healthy Weekend in Chichester, West Sussex

You know how to stay fit and healthy, so this guide isn’t going to lecture you about the importance of regular exercise and healthy considered eating, but it is going to enable you to live well and enjoy your lifestyle when visiting the small city nestled within the South Downs known as Chichester.

Chichester provides you with the best of both worlds if you’re eager to enjoy outstretched white-sanded beaches and coastline, as well as large open expanses, hilly areas to trek, and health-conscious pub menus and wholefood shops.

Choosing your menus carefully

In order to eat more consciously, you need to know what’s on your plate and more about the nutritional content of what you’re consuming, of course, that’s a given. Most places such as have their menus online that you can view in advance, but when you’re ordering your food don’t be afraid to ask exactly what’s in it and to request to see the ingredients list.

There’s also the opportunity to buy from the farmer’s market throughout the summer, as well as the visiting French market to pick up cheeses, flans, and freshly baked bread.

Go walking or trekking

You’re in luck if you adore walking in the open countryside and are keen to assimilate back into nature and allow your mind some time to unwind and refuel. From the city center, you can pretty much walk in any direction and begin to hit more open spaces and large green areas such as Oaklands park that holds a free morning 5k park run every Saturday.

If you’re excited to see more of Chichester and more of the views and vantage points, then you must pack a rucksack and choose to traverse one of the many walks and treks that’ll take you through some truly astounding natural scenery.

Hitting the gym

You’ll be pleased to hear that you’re not short of choice if searching for a gym to get in your sweaty daily workout. Of course, since you’re in the country, you could entertain the idea of swapping your gym session for a long walk to The Trundle through Lavant, or through to Chichester Harbour, or pretty much anywhere in the South Downs.

In terms of gyms, you’ll have to make an effort to narrow your search, but in the center of town, you can choose between the likes of Westgate Leisure Centre, Nuffield Health, and The Hive. If you’re more partial to a touch of luxury, then it’s in your best interest to check out Goodwood Health Club.

Take it easy

Nourishing your mental health is just as crucial as taking good care of your physical health, and an escape to the countryside allows you to unwind and recalibrate after you’ve spent most of your time recently keeping busy in the city, running errands, and working hard. Take this opportunity to get to bed early, to spend time around nature, and to wake up with the natural light. Enjoy a slower pace on the South Coast, and refrain from taking work with you – this means restricting the time you spend on your phone, reading emails, and preparing for the next week ahead.


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