How Shisha Pens Are Used To Improve Smokers Health

How Shisha Pens Are Used To Improve Smokers Health

Today, people are becoming more cautious about what they are subjecting their bodies to. One of the things that most health practitioners are trying to do is to help people to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes is not only a cause of many diseases but also the number one cause of lung cancer. Research has shown that lung cancer has claimed the lives of many smokers, but this does not have to happen to you if you move on to vaping technology. One of the best inventions for smokers is the shisha pens, which have come in handy. Not only are they portable and affordable, but they also improve the smoker’s health significantly- you can get some of the best ones here. It is also important to note that the e-liquids used in shisha pens come in different flavors, some with nicotine and some without. With that said, let us now see how shisha pens help in improving a smoker’s health;

1. You can track your nicotine intake

Nicotine, among 7000 other chemicals, is one of the chemicals found in cigarettes. Through the traditional way of smoking, you would find yourself taking more than one cigar in a single session. At the end of the day, it would be so hard to tell the amount of nicotine you used. However, since the shisha pens come in different sizes, you can be able to tell the amount of nicotine you used in a day. The amount of e-liquid the shisha pen tanker depends on its size.

2. You can take breaks

Throwing away a cigar while not fully depleted is one of the hardest things for smokers. As such, one would find themselves in the smoking zone for a long time trying to puff the cigarette until it is completely over. This meant that the smoker would leave the smoking area, having subjected their bodies to too many harmful chemicals all at once. However, with the shisha pens, you can always take a break when need be. If you feel like you have had enough, you can always stop and resume later.

3. They contain fewer chemicals

As aforementioned, there are about 7000 harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. And what this means is that you are at a higher risk of health issues when subjecting yourself to such. However, the e-liquid used on shisha pens contains fewer chemicals, which means that using them puts you in a better position health-wise compared to cigarette smokers. So much so, you can also use the e liquids that contain no nicotine at all. And the good thing is that it still gets you high.

Take Away

Clearly, the use of shisha pens is indeed a life savior to smokers. If you are still stuck in the conventional way of smoking, it is about time to shift and join the shisha pens buzz for the sake of your health.

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