Holi in Jaipur – Enjoy The Colorful Festival in Royal Style

Holi in Jaipur – Enjoy The Colorful Festival in Royal Style

Holi, Festival of Colors, is the favorite festival of India. The celebration of the exuberant festival is an all-around corner and throughout the country with queer happiness and vigor. The Holi festival is celebrated to welcome the excellent fortune harvest, and it marks the beginning of the vibrant spring season. The Holi-days filled with enthusiasm and zeal, not only Indians but also celebrated in many other parts of the world.

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur-the Pink City, is well known for grand Holi Celebrations in its unique Royal style. People from different parts of India and Abroad, especially book their Holi Tour Packages to attend Royal Holi Celebrations in Jaipur. The Celebration of the Holi festival in Jaipur gets started before the actual commencement of Holi (Dhulandi) day.

Preparation of Holi starts a week before, Jaipurites being very excited for the festival of colors. They enjoy their idyllic shopping on the streets of famous bazaars in Jaipur- Badi and Choti Chaupad, buy plenty of colors, clothes, sweets, and most essential Pichkaris.

Holi is mainly a Two-day celebration in all over India, the first day of Holi is celebrated by lighting bonfires or burning the effigy of demoness Holika, and this ritual is called Holika Dahan. The next day is the actual day of celebrating the real Holi and urged Dhulandi (devotees play with colors) where people smear each other’s face by vibrant color powders, splash it in the air, sing-dance on the dhols, and eat unusual Holi sweets. The Royal Holi celebration in Jaipur is such fun.

Let’s see how we can celebrate the colorful festival in Royal Style.

Celebrate Holi in City Palace, Jaipur


The royals of City Palace are full of festive spirits donned in them, and they joyfully celebrate the festival of colors with their entire family members and relatives, also invite many foreign tourists who come there to explore the royal city. Holi here celebrated with all the cultural rituals, and with its real significance, the enthusiastic spirit of the City Palace builts the jubilant regal atmosphere all over.

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The holy presence of the Royal family honored guests, and excited tourists are something way beyond imagination.

Indian and foreign guests come up in large numbers to play Holi with the Royal family members- Maharaj Narendra Singh, Rajmata Padmini Devi, Princess Diya Kumari, with other Royals of Jaipur, enjoy at their fullest along with the tourists. The devotees of Holi enjoy celebration by having a dance on folk music, play Holi Hindi Songs. Have the traditional cuisines along with several Holi’s sweets like Gujiya, Shakarpara, milk Mithais, and the quintessential Holi drink. Bhang is the main intoxicating drink, prepared by cannabis, drink which makes people high, and without Bhang and Thandai Holi is incomplete.

Every corner and nook of the Royal Palace presents a happy and exciting sight of Colors to cherish till the next Holi.

Celebrate Holi in Govind Dev Ji Temple, Jaipur

Holi in Jaipur is incomplete without visiting the holy temples, which holds the essential stories of traditions and cultures of India. The most worshipped and the oldest temples of Jaipur, known for the most massive sculpture of Lord Krishna which is directly visible to the City Palace. Divinity and the beauty of this temple rise on its peak at the time of Holi as this festival of colors is related to the legends of Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha and the name of this temple is in the name of Lord Krishna. It is the most beautiful royal temple of Jaipur built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh II in 1735. It is worth experiencing the Holi celebration in this magnificent ancient royal temple of Jaipur.

The celebration and the preparations of the Holi commenced or started a week before in this temple. Devotees celebrate a week-long Holi by playing with different colored flowers, organic colors, and even by smearing sandalwood powder.

There are many attractions in the temple, which can mesmerize the foreigners, Jhankiyan or tableaux of Lord Krishna can be cherished amazingly. Holi is a festival of love and harmony. The significance of the celebration of colors depicted and shown by Raas Leela, a drama based on the naughtiness of the story of the mythological legend, where Lord Krishna showed by teasing his beloved Radha and other Gopis (friends of Radha). On the final day of Holi, Priest in the temple offers color to the idols of Radha-Krishna and sprinkles colors and flowers on the crowd of devotees. The atmosphere of the magnificent temple becomes so pure and happy that everyone seems intoxicated by the divinity of the aura.

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Celebrate Holi and Elephant Festival

The Elephant Festival is one of the most popular festivals of Jaipur, which is held every year during the Holi Festival. For this festival, elephants are decorated, groomed, and appropriately trained, clothed in rags, and adorn them with beautiful multi-colored ornaments. Elephants bodies painted with several traditional Rajasthani designs, even their tusks decorated with several jewels. Elephant Festival is preceded by a splendid procession or rally of many myriad elephants walk through the central roads of Jaipur. Along with elephants and many people, a band accompanies them who play folk songs and beat the drums on the tradition beat, which signifies the procession’s arrival and Royal Holi In Jaipur.

Celebrate Holi by Lip-smacking Royal Sweets

In India, no festival is complete without sweets. Delicious delicacies along with mouth-watering Holi’s special desserts, which include Gujiyas-made with a traditional hand by adding extra desi ghee and the other candies, are made by coconut filling thoroughly and truly loved and demanded by the Jairpuities. Other festive food includes deep-fried Lentil Vadas, served with curd and tamarind chutney; Dahi Vadas; the most necessary Holi drink Bhang, which sometimes mixed with lassi or Thandai and the most tricky Bhang Ladoos combined with simple Laddoos. These extracts of marijuana prepared foodstuffs are especially enjoyed on Dhulandi (final day of Holi) to add on the extra fun in the day.

So if this piece mentioned above gave you an urge to visit India for Holi celebrations in Jaipur, then don’t think, plan your tour to India and book your Holi Tour Packages for the upcoming Holi celebration 2020. The Holi festival in Jaipur is all about fun. Do visit.


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