The Health Benefits of Boxing

The Health Benefits of Boxing

Boxers undergo some of the most brutal fitness regimes in the world. From long runs on the road to pounding the heavy bag, boxers regularly push their entire body to the absolute limit. It is because of this that most boxers have that “shredded” look that many of us strive for.

They have excellent muscle definition thanks to their resistance workouts and most of them hardly have any body fat thanks to their insane cardio regimes (think daily 10 mile runs before they even hit the gym). Being a combat sport, it’s no surprise why boxers value strength, precision and speed.

So why is it that boxing or even kickboxing is often overlooked?

Well for starters, most people tend to equate boxing with rough and tough men slugging it out in the ring exchanging blows. They often fail to appreciate the level of dedication and sheer intensity of boxing drills.

Fortunately, even if you’re not going to go 10 rounds in the ring with Tyson, boxing workouts can easily be translated into the gym. Here we take a look at the health benefits of boxing and some simple workouts you can try out at home.

1. It’s burns fat

Boxing drills consist of throwing jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts at the bag all in rapid succession. For the uninitiated, here’s the breakdown:

Jabs: a quick punch thrown with your left hand (right if you’re a southpaw i.e. left handed)

Crosses: a powerful, straight punch thrown with the right hand (left for all you southpaws)

Hook: sweeping punches thrown with either the right or left hand across the body

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Uppercut: a devastating punch thrown upwards with either the right or left hand

Typically, boxers throw a combination of punches at the bag when they drill. This builds up coordination, speed and power which is especially useful in the ring. Boxing drills are a full body workout as boxers draw most of their power from their hips, thus ensuring that you use both your hands and your feet.

Before long, you’ll find yourself dripping with sweat and aching all over. Boxers drill for upwards of 3 hours daily but for all you amateurs out there, 1 hour a day is sufficient. Aerobic exercise helps you burn fat while reducing the risk of high blood pressure and also diabetes.

2. Boxing build upper-body strength

When you’re at the gym hitting the bag, your arms, shoulders and back are all getting a good workout. This resistance training makes you faster and much stronger. These high repetition workouts are also excellent for toning your arms and giving you excellent upper body strength.

Being in the boxing stance also helps build a solid core. The hour spent in the boxer’s crouch burns off any extra fat and tones your core muscles. This is especially important in boxing where fighters are expected to regularly resist powerful gut punches.

From a fitness standpoint, having a great core improves your balance and gives you a stronger back, thus making you less susceptible to injury should you accidentally trip and all.

3. Boxing is a great stress buster

Bad day at the office? Somebody cut you off in traffic?

Why not sweat it out at the gym with an intense workout. Unlike other gym exercises, boxing allows you to work off excess aggression which makes it a great stress buster. The strenuous exercise also helps your body burn off any excess adrenaline whilst keeping your cortisol levels in check.

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What all of this means is that you’ll be able to enjoy emotional release when boxing whilst contributing to improved general health.

If you’re the type who has trouble controlling your emotions, boxing is the perfect outlet for you. The act of working your frustrations out on the bag will help you cleanse yourself emotionally and also let you enjoy better sleep.

While boxing may appear to some as an aggressive hobby, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, it is less violent than football, so if you are an avid online NFL Superbowl bettor you should reconsider.

Boxing instills in you a sense of discipline and calm which goes a long way towards building better mental health.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to lose weight, you may seriously want to consider taking up boxing. With the right training and attitude, you’ll be able to get ripped and stay healthy in no time at all.

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