Common Reasons Why Applicants are Denied on the Immigration Visa

Common Reasons Why Applicants are Denied on the Immigration Visa

A lot of nationalities see America as a nice place to settle, work and of course live a better life. How do you see America? Well, if you are planning to immigrate to the God’s own country, then you will have to weigh your chances. Weighing chances involve determining if you are taking the right step. Immigrating to the US is not an easy task. It requires good understanding of the process because getting denied is not want anyone would want to experience. There have been a lot of discussions recently about US immigration and US president. A lot of people believe that Trump does not want foreigners in his country. This is not true; the president wants immigrants that will add to the country’s economy. To be given a US immigration visa, you must have proved yourself beyond reasonable doubt that you are a person of substance. This may sound weird, but it is the truth of the matter. A lot of people have been denied the US visa because of mistakes that should not have happened but because of ignorance has happened. Below are some reasons why applicants are denied the US immigration visa

Ignorance – there is no ignorance in law what they say; a lot of applicants were worthy of the US immigration visa but couldn’t have it because of silly mistakes that came from ignorance. Before opting to any process in life, it is always better if one research on the process as this will go a long way in getting a good result from the process. This applies to the US immigration visa. You should make it a point of duty to research on the process, get needed Information and conclude if you are worthy before applying for the visa.

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Incomplete or fake documentation – this is where a lot of applicants get it wrong. In the case of incomplete documentation, it is always advisable to visit the US immigration website to confirm the necessary documents needed for a US immigrant visa. Also, always arrange your documents accordingly to make it easy for you and the VO during the visa interview. For fake documentation, never submit fake documents. Submitting fake documents will present you as a fraudster and a criminal. America does not welcome crimes and will never give her visa to a criminal.

Telling lies – why should you lie when you are real? Think about it! Never lie to VOs during your interview because they will know. They are trained individuals that can read people’s mind. In some cases, you might be telling the truth, and the VO will conclude that you are lying, why? Because of eye contact. This is very important during your interview. It is hard to lie when one is making eye contact therefore, practice this before going for your visa interview. You don’t have to lie when you are real. The US is looking for real people like immigrants and not fakers. No matter the situation, never lie instead, tell the truth and I believe the VO will understand your situation.

If your country is among the visa waiver program countries and your ESTA Visa USA is about to expire, then you will need to apply for a ESTA visa status before to can make a trip to the US.

Criminal record – you don’t expect the US to accept a criminal. Although there is always a second chance for everyone in life. If you have been convicted before now, that should not stop you from applying for the US immigrant visa just have a good reason to give during your interview. Also, if you are planning to immigrate to the US and you have been obeying the rules and regulations of your country, then keep doing it. This will help in keeping good criminal record. America does not joke with criminal records especially if you are planning to immigrate to the country. This is because statistics have shown that higher percentage of crimes committed in the US is from immigrants.

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What to do to avoid visa denial

After explaining the causes of the US immigrant visa denial, it is very important to discuss what one could do to avoid visa denial. Below are some of the things that could prevent one from been denied the US immigrant visa.

Get it right – you should understand what the US immigration visa entails. Do not follow the crowd but instead, search for necessary information on the visa type.

Get the right documents – this is important if you do not want your application to be denied. Getting right documents will present you as a serious applicant.

Do not lie – do not lie, and always maintain eye contact. Maintaining eye contact will prove to the VO that you are not lying.

A stitch in time saves nine. Always be prepared in life because planning will never fail you.

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