Finding an ENT Specialist Clinic in Singapore to resolve ear, nose and throat disorders

Finding an ENT Specialist Clinic in Singapore to resolve ear, nose and throat disorders

Our sensory organs help to feel the world around us. We hear with our ears and detect smell through our nose. If either of these organs stopped functioning at their optimal level, then it would drastically reduce the quality of our lives. Doctors who specialise in treating disorders of our ears, nose and throat are referred to as ENT specialists or otolaryngologists. They help with the medical and surgical management of these organs.

The ENT Clinic is conveniently located in Mount Elizabeth Novena and Gleaneagles Medical Center. The three surgeons have extensive international experience and practice evidence based medicine in state of the art facilities. It is popular among expats and locals who visit this clinic for their ENT services relating to breathing, eating and speech. The clinic doctors are experienced to handle complex ENT episode including malignancies.

It should be noted that Singaporeans have a high incidence of ENT ailments in both the young and old. One shouldn’t neglect any minor symptoms as it could lead to a more serious condition. An annual check by a qualified and experienced ENT doctor will continue to keep you in good health.

Some of the most common ENT conditions prevalent in the Singaporean population are:

· General Hearing Loss: Loss of hearing can have many causes. The most common being impacted ear wax, infections in the external ear canal, fluid accumulation in the middle ear or ear drum disorders. Loss of hearing may be can be due to a sudden onset, progressive or perhaps chronic disorder. If managing conservatively is not an option, then an ENT doctor may suggest a hearing aid. The ENT clinic in Singapore facilitates hearing preservation surgery and also has audiologists on the team.

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· Allergies: Allergies are very common among Singaporean kids with a 40% prevalence rate. House dust mite allergies are the most common cause but pet allergies are common too. Seasonally pollen allergies occur. Specialised ENT centers offer comprehensive diagnostic tests to detect all kinds of food and seasonal allergies through a blood test. Immunotherapy treatment is a way to permanently stop such allergies through desensitisation. This is a popular treatment option at the ENT Clinic Singapore.

· Tonsillitis: Inflammation of the tonsils is called tonsillitis and when you have swollen tonsils, one has difficulty in swallowing, a sore throat and tender lymph nodes. Not all cases of tonsillitis is mild; a severe infection can cause acute pain with obstruction to breathing. A specialist might recommend tonsillectomy after diagnosis.

· Sleep Disorders: Insomnia or the difficulty of falling asleep affects about 30% of the population. Excessive sleepiness is another disorder which needs treatment. The underlying cause could be obstructive sleep apnea. Individuals who suffer from this condition experience fatigue, snoring at night and depression. Timely treatment is essential as delaying treatment can even lead to a heart attack. A specialised ENT clinic has the facilities to perform such surgeries medically termed uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

· Sinusitis: The air filled cavities or sinuses surrounding the eyes and nose can get infected by a virus or bacterium causing inflammation. This is referred to as sinusitis. Common symptoms include facial pain, headaches, thick nasal mucus and a clogged nose. An ENT doctor may recommend sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty if the condition is severe. Such surgeries should only be performed by competent ENT physicians to prevent complications.

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Singapore has some of the state of the art facilities for treating ENT conditions. The ENT clinic in Singapore is a popular choice among locals for its well experienced ENT specialists, a good supporting staff and modern facilities. Conveniently located at Mt. Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre and the Gleneagles Hospital, this ENT group provides excellent patient care to cater to all ear, nose and throat emergencies.


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