5 Health Benefits of Spices in Food

5 Health Benefits of Spices in Food

Adding spices to your favorite dishes brings more than just a lovely touch of taste and color. Spices are also renowned for having a host of health benefits and have often been used traditionally across various cultures from around the world to treat and manage all kinds of everyday ailments.

This article takes a closer look at some of the most common spices you might find in your spice rack and explains just how they can help you enjoy better health.

Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels

Cinnamon is a wonderfully fragrant and popular spice, found in several sweet and savory dishes. You’ll come across it in cookies and cakes, teas, curries and much more.

The spice does more than just add a sweet and festive feel to any dish though. Cinnamon is renowned for being an anti-inflammatory substance, used throughout human history as far back as Ancient Egypt. It’s affordable and easy to find, and acts as an anti-oxidant, as well as potentially helping to reduce high blood sugar levels.

Ginger is ideal for nausea

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Thai takeaway London then you’ll know how enjoyable ginger can be in any dish. Adding both heat and zesty flavor, ginger is a versatile and easy to use spice in teas, stir fry and even sweet treats.

Ginger has a host of benefits, and one of the most common is its use in reducing feelings of nausea. When traveling, try adding a slice of fresh ginger to hot water and sip slowly, for a natural way to avoid feelings of sickness or restlessness.

Garlic can help boost heart health

Garlic is another common spice in a variety of cuisines, from classic French dishes and Mediterranean inspired meals to exotic dishes from across Asia. Garlic is especially well known for its health benefits, including boosting heart health and respiration.

The pungent spice is ideal used fresh as a rub or mix in salads or vegetable dishes, as it quickly adds flavor, while helping you to enjoy its benefits.

Oregano is an anti-viral

Oregano is a well-known flavor in plenty of Italian dishes, and you might recognize the scent of the spice from your favorite pizza or pasta sauce. The spice is also fantastic for its anti-viral properties and can be extraordinarily helpful in healing common ailments such as flu viruses, or cold sores.

You can infuse oregano in olive oil to create a fragrant substance that is easy to use, both in food and topically on your body.

Nutmeg can help ease insomnia

If you’re having difficulty getting to sleep, try adding a little of this warming and lovely spice to your bed-time routine. It’s easy to enjoy in a little warm milk with honey or hot chocolate, and has been found to help soothe indigestion, as well as improve sleep patterns. Just be aware that it can be unsafe in high doses, especially for pregnant women, so enjoy it in moderation.

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