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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Juicing?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Juicing?

Juicing makes fruit consumption easier. At least, you are making the juice into complete liquid and you get to consume it more easily than before. While this is great and there are many benefits, just as you are thinking about it, you should be asking,…

How to Make 2020 the Best Year Ever For Your Employees

How to Make 2020 the Best Year Ever For Your Employees

Taking care of a company is not an easy job. There are many things to be taken care of when you run a huge business. But making sure that your employees are satisfied and motivated at their job is very important for having a successful…

6 Expo Tips that Lead to More Customers

6 Expo Tips that Lead to More Customers

Expos are about two things – showcasing your new products and drawing in new customers. With that being said, however, expos host hundreds of brands, and you’ll be but a drop in a wide sea. What you need is to stand out.

But, how will you do that? How do you make sure the expo attendees visit your booth and then actually become your customers? Well, in this little article, you’ll find 6 excellent ideas on how to get exposure, as well as how to engage with visitors and convert them to customers. Let’s check them out.

Promote Yourself and Do It Now

Starting a promotion as soon as you can is one of the best things you can do for your brand when it comes to exposure. Many businesses promote themselves only a month or two before an expo starts, but, by at that point, they’ve lost precious time. The best of the best know that to market your business effectively at trade shows, you need to start promoting your attendance almost as soon as one show ends. They post banners and ads on their websites and start sending out emails and reminders to their customers and all those that might be interested.

With that being said, you can always count on the press to give you the exposure you need. If you’ve got a new product coming, then you can bet the trade press will be interested in what you’ve got to offer. Use this momentum to ensure more people are interested in what you have to offer, and you’re sure to have a successful show.

Put Your Best Team Forward

You can have great exposure and a booth that’s a work of art, but the most important thing is having a great team to man the stations. These people are the ones that will be interacting with the visitors, and it is their involvement that’s going to make or break your show.

Having said that, it’s best to have your sales team man the booth. After all, this is what they do best, and they’ll know how to handle the visitors and how to pique their interest in your product. In addition, it’s also a good idea to bring in an expert that can showcase and give detailed information to your visitors.

Engage the Visitors

The best way to engage the visitors and have them walk over to your showcase is to have an eye-catching booth. The most successful brands use a variety of catchy event display tools, ranging from simple banners, signs and brochures, to interactive displays and even AR and VR technology to showcase their product.

The other way to engage the visitors rests on your team. Position your people in a way they’ll be noticed by passers-by, and make sure they’re prepared to greet the visitors and invite them in. However, train your people not to be pushy, as visitors are more likely to give you a random excuse and move on.

Finally, think vertically. If you think about it, your booth is one of many, and it might be hard to stand out. Talk to the organisers and see how far up can you build. If you’re using banners or signs, placing them above the rest of the booths will ensure at least a portion of the visitors will spot you and might even come over to check you out.

Engage Social Media

Social media marketing is hugely influential in the modern world. Social media platforms are the perfect places for promoting your brand and products, creating a community around it and keeping in touch with your customers.

Though many people tend to click that “Going” button on Facebook, not many actually go to the event. However, you can expect some of them to turn up, and, if you send frequent reminders to those who said they’ll be coming, you might even change a few minds and they might even come directly to you.

Create a Contest/Game

Think about it this way – you’re one of the many brands and businesses in the show. They’ve all got booths, they’ve all got banners and signs and people greeting the visitors. They all know what you know. So, how do you make sure a visit to your booth remains memorable? Easy – create a contest/game!

There are many trade show game ideas in circulation, but they all have one goal –they will make the attendees hang out around your booth for longer, but they’ll probably remember you once they head home. Not only that, but they’ll remember you fondly if there is a prize at the end of the contest, and some of them might end up becoming your customers in the future.

Call to Action

The final step in your mission to convert visitors to customers is to create a Call to Action. Follow up on your visitors after the show by sending a mail or giving them a call. However, remember to make the CTA more personal. The attendees are likely to visit multiple booths and see a number of showcases. Many brands make the mistake of sending out a blanket email, which can be quite bland and easily forgotten. Having said that, if you talk to your visitor directly, and in combination with the techniques we listed above, they’re more likely to remember you and actually respond to your call to action, becoming your customer in the process.


And, with that bit about the Call to Action, we’ll wrap out our little guide on how to convert your visitors to customers. There are always more tricks you can learn to improve your chances, but the ones we’ve listed are the most effective. Just remember that any expo is a big place and that you’ll be pitted against dozens of other brands, so the more memorable the experience you create, the more likely you are to be approached again. And, finally, remember – expos are all about showcasing your product and having a little bit of fun while at it!

5 ways to save your money while purchasing a mattress

5 ways to save your money while purchasing a mattress

After a long and tiring day, everyone wants to have a deep sleep to gain a complete rest. It is because it is important for good mental & physical health. It is a common myth that spending more money on a mattress will lead to…



Transparency has become a big concern in the online gambling sector as more and more casinos get caught implementing shady practices to make a profit. Not only does the customer suffer in such underhanded dealings, but the entire sector also has to feel the repercussions.…

What Do You Need to Know About Baby Colic? What to do for Colicky Babies?

What Do You Need to Know About Baby Colic? What to do for Colicky Babies?

Colic is frustrating. Imagine coming home with a healthy child after you give birth. Then a week flies by and the child will pick a time of the day for long cries – wailing that could shatter your heart. This is not mere crying to get your attention; it is wailing for reasons no one knows about. It is not about food, bowel movements, dirty diapers, or being in pain anyone knows about. Since kids can not talk at three weeks, the reasons for such a cry can only be imagined and may not be right.

Investing in best baby bottles for gas and colic before this time could be a good move. But you have other questions about the crying babies which no one can find answers to. That loud wailing is colic. This article explains all you need to know about colic.

Colic, What Is It?

Babies have one way to communicate their inconvenience: crying. This is the reality that parents have to deal with although they could wish not to. Parents have to show responsibility at this tender age for the kid’s needs. So the cry nudges them to act and meet the kid’s need. 

This is where colic beats all parent hands down because there seems to be no reason and no cure for the crying in colic. 

It isn’t a disease to experience colic. The best characterization to give is that colic is a kind of baffling behavior. This is like a general term for crying in babies that seem healthy and there seems to be no immediate solution at all. Colic happens to one of 5 infants.

The fussy and worrying period of colic can extend to an hour or more at a time, and it could go long into the late night. You as a parent will try and try but you will fail to make the baby stop. You might try feeding on the best baby bottles for gas and colic. But, no, it will not work. Your frustration increase; you are exhausted, maybe confused.

Doctors have three ways of diagnosing colic:

  • If it continues for 3 hours at a time
  • It takes place about 3 days in one week
  • It continues for about 3 weeks in one row

When does it likely end?

There is no certainty or accurate timing. The only thing is that colic can take up to bouts but it will stop. You will notice the situation in infants that are two or three weeks old, it will increase when she is 6 weeks and drops when the child is close to ten or twelve weeks old. 

Three months later, if your kid has been colicky, it may cure miraculously at this stage. The colic can just stop suddenly or it may be on and off until it stops altogether. 

What are the Symptoms of Colic?

To calm you down when the child begins to show signs of colic, you must recognize it as colic quickly. So, here are the symptoms of colic:

  • Consider the diagnosis shown above, according to doctors
  • Crying in colic usually happens at a regular time every day (it may vary but the common ones happen in the early evening or late afternoon).
  • You don’t have a tangible reason for this child’s crying. It is not the diaper, not hunger or tiredness.
  • It is likely for the baby to raise his or her legs, tightening his or her fist and move the legs and hands.
  • The baby will shut her eyes, or perhaps open them wider, and furrow his or her brow
  • You notice an increase in bowel activity – she passes out gas or spits up.
  • She cries in the middle of feeding or sleeping. You may want to feed her using Best baby bottles for gas and colic or even suck at the breast, but she may suck at it for some time, stops and cries.

Is there any Difference Between Crying Normally and Colic?

There seems to be no tangible difference but you can take note of the little things. The first thing to note is that it is impossible to pacify colic. It will continue for hours until she stops. The cry may start just like normal crying but soon it is strong and becomes s inconsolable. 

Some Causes of Colic

  •       Over-stimulated sense: babies are more sensitive as they age and at this stage, they may be overwhelmed by it. in an attempt to release the stress, they cry and cry and cry.
  •       Digestive system immaturity: at this stage, they are likely to consume more food than before which may not digest quickly. they cry as a result of pain from the gas inside their intestines.
Woman Concerns: How to Get Through Menopause

Woman Concerns: How to Get Through Menopause

Aside from the discomfort brought about by dysmenorrhea, childbearing responsibilities, and child labor pain, a woman also has to undergo the grueling menopausal phase. All women will have to undergo the menopausal stage. The experience is said to be stressful and painful. Some artificial remedies…

4 Stunning Home Features

4 Stunning Home Features

Home is what you make of it and yours houses everything that represents who you are. Would you like to add some flare to your home or add something new to the picture? Maybe you need some home improvements. Here are some stunning feature pieces…

5 Ways to Use Positive Reinforcement for Good Cat Behavior

5 Ways to Use Positive Reinforcement for Good Cat Behavior

My feline friends always listen to me with unconcern and secret amusement. It always seems like they are giving me murderous side looks as they begin to devour cat food from their little trays. You know how sometimes cats can be the masters of their own world, even though you have this whole concept of cat-love in your mind.

However, I love my cats and they are extremely well-behaved. I often wonder why people come up with questions about cat training. In my personal opinion, if you think about cats, they have everything under control. For instance, they meow, and you give them food. They jump on your lap when some petting is required. In entirety, they know exactly how to get everything from their owners. But guess what? Sometimes you need to turn the tables and use positive reinforcement to keep the positive behavior intact. And here’s what I mean by training your cat for positive behavior.

What is positive reinforcement for cats’ good behavior?

Usually, the concept of positive reinforcement is used to help your cat repeat good behavior. So, I am talking about tricks here. Mostly tricks that can be used to encourage good behavior in your cat. Many people perceive scratching as bad behavior, but most bad behavior in cats arises from biological needs. For instance, urinating, defecating, climbing, scratching, etc. If you are not paving a good way for your cat to express those needs, then your cat might evolve bad habits as suited to their environment. Eventually, it becomes difficult to switch them from an environment, they are already used to.

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to find something that motivates your cat to display good behavior. Once you figure out this puzzle, you are good to use that as a reward. Luckily, most cats are food-driven, so you can use that as a reward. But if the food doesn’t work for your cats reward them with something they most desire. Basically, you have to indirectly tell your cat that you have something she wants.

How can you apply positive reinforcement

Here are a few ways to apply positive reinforcement to inculcate good behavior in your cat. You can apply these on your cat but positive reinforcement can be applied to any behavior you think needs a change or encouragement.

Utilize a scratch post

Every time your cat feels the need to scratch things, ensure that you keep a scratch post nearby. Encourage your cat or cats to use the post and reward them each time they use the post for scratching. If you reward them, they will think that the post is a good thing and on its usage rewards are distributed.

Use rewards for calm behavior

Let’s face it, sometimes cats show aggression and yowl for no reason. If you have these issues with your cat then reward them each time they are quietly sitting in their favorite corner. You can also give them nice treats or use play as a reward. The choice is yours, but make sure you pay attention to the amount of vocal noises your feline friend is making. Excessive vocalization is not a good sign and in this case, you have to be quick with your rewards. For instance, if your cat has stopped yowling a minute before, immediately treat them with something that keeps them motivated.

Be supportive of your cats’ social behavior

Cats are shy and they hate social gatherings. My cat usually hides herself whenever I have guests at my house. There are two ways to go about this behavior. First, you can leave the cat to her own device because mixing with various people is not a cat’s cup of tea. Second, you can reward her with treats every time she shows herself amidst a group of people. You can also encourage your cat by petting her or showing your affection in the best ways possible.

Keep a few tricks up your sleeves

You can teach your cat little tricks using positive reinforcement. For example, lay down, up, down, go back, jump, come, sit, etc. You can also find cat tricks like these on YouTube or in cat books. All these tricks are amazing and work best when you use them for positive reinforcement.

Teach them to eat and drink from their own trays

A few years ago my cat used to drink water from the same cup as mine. I always wondered what was so amusing about the water cup, but she liked drinking from my cup with her paw drenched in the water. So, I decided to teach her how to drink water from her own up. I used to move her away from my cup and take her towards her own cup. Soon after she started drinking water from her own cup I regularly rewarded her for a week. You can try the same and help your cat eats food from her own tray.

A word of caution

Rewarding the correct behavior is more vital than teaching your cat to do a specific thing. Even if your cat comes under the category of an emotional support animal you have to make sure that you are rewarding the right kind of behavior. In other words, a cat’s good behavior should be associated with the reward. As far as bad behavior improvement is concerned, you can redirect your cat and then use the reward. A cat will never appreciate punishments so avoid punishing your cat as much as possible.

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