Reasons Why Sleeping on a Minimalist Futon is the Best Bed You Will Ever Have

Reasons Why Sleeping on a Minimalist Futon is the Best Bed You Will Ever Have

Different nationalities may have significantly different traditions regarding their daily lives. Japan looks especially exotic from this point of view. Thanks to its location, it has formed its culture and customs varying from Europe and Asia. Therefore, the traditions of the Japanese relating to different spheres of life are unusual and sometimes even strange for us.

A Little History

The first and most important difference is the practice of sleeping on the floor. Most Japanese initially slept on straw woven mats, and noblemen could afford to sleep on more comfortable soft and high mats – tatami mats. The tatami was made from rice or any other straw; they let body breathe while sleeping since they perfectly passed air. The solid and even surface of the tatami made it possible to maintain the correct spine position and contributed to the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system.

In the 17th century, wealthy residents of Japan began to lay a special mattress on top of the tatami – futon, which was made manually from cotton and wool. The cost of such products was very high, and only with time, in the 18th century, mattresses became more affordable. In the 19th century, raw cotton was imported in Japan, which allowed each resident purchasing a futon.

As a rule, high-quality raw cotton is used for futon production. Raw materials of the highest grade are used. The cotton is hand-picked, all trash is removed from it, and it is additionally fluffed. This cotton is carefully laid out on a special table, the dimensions of which coincide with the area of ​​the future futon. Cotton is carefully distributed over the surface, achieving the perfect uniformity of the layer of the future mattress. When one layer of cotton is evenly distributed, it is quilted and fastened. The procedure is repeated again with the next layer. There can be from one to eighteen such layers in a futon.

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Why Choose Futon

A single mattress can be a highlight of the interior. The main thing here is the right decor. The futon bed is an excellent addition to the room, whether it is a family or recreational room. With a little movement, you can fold up bed and convert a comfortable sofa to have an extra sleeping area, and then turn it back into the couch.

One of the best features of a futon bed is that it does not take up as much space as a bed or sofa. It folds easily, like a sofa, so that there is more space for your guest during the day, and then – in a comfortable bed at night. Easy-to-fold futons are usually available in two versions – with two and three-fold bed compilation.

The pros of such mattress:

  • the mattress topper – futon can be rolled up if necessary;
  • easy to maintain – the cover can be removed;
  • the cover on the lock can be removed for washing;
  • functionality – can be used as a zone for playing with children;
  • the mattress laid on the floor will easily become the highlight of your interior.

What Is It Good For?

In whatever form it is used (mattress, topper, sofa or chair), it remains comfortable and practical.

  1. Traditional futon is made from natural materials only. In modern design, there are many offers with artificial fillers, but they are of high quality. The materials used do not cause allergies.
  2. Storage of the futon does not require much effort. Regular airing and lack of moisture (when using it in the traditional way – on the floor) will maintain a pleasant airiness of the product for a long time.
  3. The futon is easy to use, does not require special storage conditions and is affordable.
  4. A mattress without a bed is really more comfortable, takes up less space and looks very unusual and stylish.
  5. There will be no pain and discomfort in the back after sleeping on the right mattress.
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Choosing a futon, you get:

  • a comfortable sleeping place, you can always fold up bed and change the interior;
  • a practical way to improve an existing sleeping place with a minimum of expenses;
  • the opportunity to create an original interior.

The futon is a unique thing that came from the distant past but has become very modern. Each product with a Japanese mattress will create comfortable conditions for sleeping and relaxing.

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