Random Facts About Apple Products

Random Facts About Apple Products

Apple is one of the top tech brands in the world. It’s one of the most powerful, too. Most Apple products make waves, set standards, and make the industry better. To say they’re one of the movers in the tech industry is an understatement.That being said, people have always harbored an interest in the company as an entity.

In the midst of its immense popularity, did you know that the more interesting stories about Apple lie in their products? Apple products are in a class of their own. In every Apple product, there are many behind-the-scenes stories, and that’s what this article is about. From curious facts to random stories, here are some things you need to know about Apple products:

All Apple products have a no-smoking policy in them.

This means that when you smoke around your Apple devices, and Apple learns of this fact, your warranty will instantly be voided. If you think you can get away with this by denying it, you’re mistaken. If the employee dissecting your Apple product finds smoke or nicotine deposits on any of the parts, your warranty will automatically be rescinded.

And that’s even if the smoke is second hand. Haven’t heard of this rule before, have you? Well, that’s one of the many random facts about Apple. There are ways to circumvent this though or make sure that you won’t have this problem in the first place. It would be best if you were innovative about it – and search for the right alternatives. Pro tip: The Internet can be very helpful in this situation. Especially the Apple forums. Wink.

HomePod is the newest product of the company.

Apple hasn’t put out a new product in three years. When HomePod was announced alongside the flagship iPhones, it was the first new product from the company in a long time. HomePod is a speaker that has the ability to learn things about you, for example, your behavior, and your home’s interiors. It’s like the equivalent of Alexa and Google Home.

But what differentiates HomePod is it is not your average speaker. It learns how you like your sounds, your sound volumes, and the times you want music around your home. It also is always in standby, waiting for your commands. Powered by Siri and Apple Music, it’s the company’s first foray to smart speakers, but since its launch, sales weren’t as good as expected.

Some flagship stores that house products double as tourist attractions.

Most of us only see Apple stores inside malls and shopping districts, etc. And while these Apple stores are enough for us consumers to browse and check out the company’s latest offerings, Apple’s flagship stores – the standalone ones, usually are more interesting and scenic, if you may. Some Apple flagship stores are now deemed tourist spots.

One such flagship store is the glasshouse Apple Store in New York. The actual store is located underground, but the glass cube at the street, which carries just the company’s well renowned logo, is enough for tourists to stop. The store itself reportedly cost $10million to make.

Out of the numerous Apple products, only three make up the largest percentage of the income.

There was a time when Apple was a top earner in the game – at its peak, its quarter income was more than the annual income of Google and Facebook combined. While there are many Apple products in the market today, only three are the driving forces behind the company’s astronomical revenue – the iPhone, iPad, and iTunes.


Apple is a stalwart in the industry. They’ve proven their worth time and time again. It’s a company that will keep on producing the goods, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. It’s geared towards the decade ahead, and for tech followers and fans, watching what Apple is going to produce in the next years or so from the sidelines is going to be nothing short of exciting.

Now these days apple products are one of the best selling items and these products proves that technology has changed our life and has great impact on our daily life such as health, daily routine, education field and even in the pharmacy business too.

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