Things Every Man in His 40s Should Know About Health

Things Every Man in His 40s Should Know About Health

The studies are complete, the results are in, and it is overwhelmingly middle-aged men that are in or approaching their 40s that aren’t taking their health and well being seriously enough.

A male in his forties will see his likelihood of becoming diabetic skyrocket, as well as an increased chance of heart disease, prostate cancer, and mental health problems. If you are male and in or approaching your fourth decade of life, here are some things you should know.

Prevention is Paramount

Prevention is important and you should have a regular health check every five years or less. As you begin to pass through middle age and towards your retirement years, the chances of experiencing a major health problem increase, and prevention and regular checks are the key to successfully treating any ailment.

Getting a regular health check from your doctor or health provider is well worth the extra effort and expense; it could save your life.

Beware of Getting a Middle-Aged Middle

The size of your waist can tell you a lot about your body’s health, and many dieticians and doctors advise that a man in his forties with a waist measurement above 37 inches is increasing the chances of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Belly fat can be very difficult to shed and can take some consistent effort to burn away with exercise and dieting, but the results can extend your lifespan by decades. Many health professionals recommend reducing your waistline as one of the most important changes you can make to your body as you get older.

It Is Possible to Eat Yourself Thin

You don’t have to live off lettuce leaves and mineral water to lose weight, and with high protein/low-carb diets like ‘Keto’ you can lose weight while eating some of your favorite foods like steak and cheese. Just cut out sugars and carbohydrates and you will see the difference quickly.

Many men who carry excess weight often suffer from a lack of libido or even erectile dysfunction because of the extra pounds they carry. With the right diet, anyone can change this. You can speak to a wellness consultant about testosterone supplements and how they may help you as you tackle your fitness.

Ten Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Change Your Life

Small changes can lead to big results, and health professionals and fitness experts are in agreement that just by making sure you have ten minutes of exercise a day anyone can make a huge change to their health.

Ten minutes of exercise may seem easy, but many people struggle to keep it going and get their ten minutes a day. With some perseverance though, you will start to see results after a week or two and the ten minutes of exercise will become easier to complete. If after a month you seem to be breezing through your routine, add an extra ten minutes every other day. If you keep adding these ten-minute increments as your workout becomes easier, you’ll soon have a gym fit body and be easily completing a half-hour a day of working out.

Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

One of the biggest causes of heart problems in men over forty is stress. Poor stress and anger management not only lead to physical health problems but also mental health concerns that can become a source of depression or anxiety for a lot of middle-aged men.

It is important to take care of the mind as well as the body, and you should consider practices like meditation and yoga to help you deal with daily stress and anxiety. Never be afraid or feel embarrassed to take your mental health concerns to a professional to get the help and support you need.

Hopefully, this quick guide has given you food for thought and you will start to take your health more seriously as you move through middle age and closer to retirement.

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